by Andrew Kirkpatrick

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August 24, 2006

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I’ve seen a couple of interesting examples of captioning this week. – It’s hard to believe at first, but this is a commercial for milk. The captions are hard to read but there is a cool telepromptor-like effect. A funny site, although not a good example of screen reader access. – A feline-based music video with subtitles. I kept watching longer than I wanted to because I realized that I never learned the lyrics to Led Zepplin’s “The Immigrant Song” (because Robert Plant’s singing in this song is nearly unintelligible, at least to me). Accessibility to the rescue of Led Zepplin fans everywhere…


  • By Chris - 12:18 PM on November 23, 2006  

    Nice work, Michael J. Thank you again for your help some months ago! You’re a great developer. 🙂