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October 16, 2008

Our Favorite CS4 Accessibility Features

Creative Suite 4 is shipping now, and here’s a short post on a few favorite accessibility features that you’ll want to check out:
#1: Flash video playback controls are accessible by default. If you want to offer controls that keyboard or screen reader users (and others) can interact with, you get this without trying when you export using the FLVPlayback skins in Flash CS4 Professional. More detail on accessible video.
#2: DAISY export in InDesign. We’ll be publishing more details about this soon.
#3: Integrated support for Color Universal Design (CUD) filters in Illustrator and Photoshop to help authors create accessible images.
#4: InContextEditing in Dreamweaver. Find out how to use InContextEditing to maintain an accessible site.
#5: New documentation for PDF accessibility in Acrobat. This is long overdue, but this is just a start – we will soon publish a series of video tutorials for accessible PDF also.
We hope you make good use of these features! Let us know about your experiences.

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