by Andrew Kirkpatrick

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June 19, 2009

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I asked Jon Avila at SSBBART Group to record a demonstration of the use of the Eclipse tool aDesigner to help evaluate Flash and Flex content for accessibility. He used Adobe Captivate to record his use of the tool and provides useful commentary. aDesigner provides very useful functionality and it is much more user friendly than my old standby, Inspect32. Take a look, and as always, please provide any feedback you have.
aDesigner is a project of the Accessibility Tools Framework (ACTF).
Recorded demonstration
Download aDesigner


  • By Prof. Danny Paskin, Cal State Long Beach - 11:33 PM on July 5, 2009  

    I teach new media journalism, which includes teaching some basic Flash to students. This coming semester, for the first time, I’ll have a visually impaired student in my class.
    Your blog and Adobe give great tips on how to make products accessible, but any tips on how to teach visually impaired people to use it? What’s the best approach to teaching my student how to use Flash (animations and basic AS mostly)?
    Thanks in advance! (and sorry if this is not the best venue for this question, but I couldn’t find an actual e-mail for “Kirkpatrick.”