by Andrew Kirkpatrick

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August 24, 2009

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NVDA is a screen reader offered by NV Access, an Australian non-profit organization. NVDA is open-source and free for users to download and use.

All users encounter Flash-based content and PDF documents regularly, and Adobe wants NVDA users to have a positive experience. Therefore, Adobe is funding NVAccess to help address the goals to “Improve support for Adobe Reader” and “Add support for Adobe Flash embedded in Browsers. This work will benefit not only Flash and PDF, but also help users access content and applications developed with Adobe Flex and interactive forms developed with Adobe LiveCycle.

NVDA developers have already done some work to enhance access to PDF in the current release. We’re looking forward to additional improvements progress that will surely be made in the coming months!


  • By Francisco Lima - 9:48 AM on August 26, 2009  

    Fantastic! I have been a big defender of the use of Adobe Flash as means of accessibility for the blind, but have encountered som resistance tu its use due to some lack of accessibility. As a blind user, this news is what we expect from Adobe. Congratulations. Francisco Lima

  • By Joe Sokohl - 11:19 AM on October 5, 2009  

    Sadly, it’s not accessible by more than 15-20% of all users–it’s only PC, not Mac. Too bad. I’ve been looking for an open-source tool like this, something that would move the assistance industry out of 1985. Until they can come up with something that works with Macs, though, I’m hosed.

  • By Tom - 5:31 PM on December 30, 2009  

    I buy this flash templates at
    great for adobe FLEX

  • By Ray Jones - 12:49 PM on March 11, 2010  

    Since I have switched form Abode 8 to Adobe 9 there are some email attachments I cannot open.
    I forward them to my wife’s computer which still has Adobe 8 and she is able to open them. I have tried to reinstall adobe 8 reader but have been unalbe to do so. What have I missed in the transition from Adobe 8 reader to adobe 9 reader and how can I get to the point so I can open all of my email attachments.