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Using JSON to Exchange Data with Web Services in XFA Forms

Continuing from my previous post on extending the JavaScript prototype property, another most under-utilized technique is the use of JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) as a data exchange format between a form and web services. Did you ever think of using JSON in form development? No? Me neither. I never thought of it until one of my customers suggested the possibility. It was an elegant solution, as our web services were getting more complex, we were wrestling on reading the data versus implementing solutions. JSON gave us a way to reduce hassle of working with complex objects.

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Extending JavaScript with Prototypes in XFA Forms

Do you sometimes wish you had functions that standard JavaScript does not provide? For instance, a trim or strip function that removes leading and trailing white spaces from a string object. In LiveCycle Designer, the traditional way is to create a script object and a function. Then to use it, you would have a function call similar to the following statement:

var newString = ScriptObject.trim(oldString);

These function calls can become lengthy in situations where the script object is located on a different page than your method call. For example:

var newString = form1.page1.subform1.ScriptObject.trim(oldString);

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