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Making LiveCycle Workspace Tasks Only Visible to Specific Users/Groups

If you want to make a Workspace task only visible to specific groups, you have to specify who can Invoke the task through the AdminUI.

Prior to setting this up, be sure that you have already set up the groups you will need in order to lock down tasks to specific users and groups. Also be sure that all the users that need to invoke processes through workspace are given the Workspace User Role.

  1. Login into Admin Console http[s]://[server]:[port]/adminui
  2. Services>Applications and Services>Service Management
  3. Click the category dropdown, choose the category your process belongs to, and click filter.
  4. Locate the Process you wish to lock down and click the name of theProcess
  5. Click security tab
  6. Click Add Principal
  7. Choose User/Group in the “In” dropdown and click filter
  8. Click on User or Group you wish to add
  9. Check INVOKE_PERM
  10. Click Add
  11. Test by logging into Workspace as a user that should be able to invoke a task, task card should be visible.
  12. Then log into Workspace as a user that should not be able to invoke a task, the task card should not be visible.

Repeat steps 6-10 for each user/group
Repeat steps 4-10 for each process

Note: If a user has the Contentspace User or an Administrator role, they may be able invoke most tasks