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LiveCycle Development Techniques

Whenever I start development on a LiveCycle project, which usually involves LC Forms, LC Reader Extensions, LC Output, and LC PDF Generator. I utilize Acrobat for most of my prototyping and debugging. I’ll list the frequently used techniques:

  1. LC Reader Extensions – For those beginning to build forms with LC Designer know their form will be Reader Extended before going into production. I’ve seen cases where they will modify a form, manually Reader Extend, and then test their change. To save time, get a copy of Acrobat installed on your machine and use that to test changes. The other way is just too
  2. LC Forms – Most likely you will be exporting data from a PDF or importing data into a PDF. You need to test a form or a generated XML that binds to a form. A quick way is to open the pdf in Acrobat then to –
    • Export Data from a form: Acrobat menu -> Forms -> Manage Form Data -> Export Data
    • Import Data into a form:  Acrobat menu ->  Forms -> Manage Form Data -> Import Data
  3. LC PDF Generator – You run into a problem where LC PDF Generator gives you an error while converting a non-PDF file. Open the non-PDF file in its native application and print as a PDF. The most common error is permission not to export data or print.
  4. LC Output – Here I prefer to use a unit test case, in most cases flattening a PDF will work file in Acrobat but making an API call reveals more details.

Hope this helps.