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Flying on Home

We all knew this day would come, and it’s finally here: the day the blog heads back to the home farm, into the welcoming pages of our mother product. Yes, that’s right: we’re joining forces with the Acrobat blog! The way we see it, we’re all one big family: Acrobat and the online services, working together to help you and your team work together. That being the case, it’s time to round up the ducklings and bring all of our future posts about the services to roost at the Acrobat blog; you’ll find us quacking contentedly over there about each of these services within the larger context of events and announcements for all of Acrobat. This way, you can get all your Acrobat-related information in one place. Just follow us over to the Acrobat blog and subscribe to our feed for the same fresh fodder all about the happy Acrobat family.