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October 13, 2010

The 3R’s – Reading, wRiting and acRobat!

School’s in session for everyone! And that’s a good thing for anyone trying to keep up with today’s ever-changing technology. At Adobe, we know it can be challenging to stay on top of all the latest software you use for work, so we aim to provide helpful resources for anyone looking to learn how to get the most out of Adobe software.

One great example is The Adobe Partner Connection Training Provider Program which is available globally and provides users with expert training for Adobe software, including Acrobat.  The program’s instructors meet ongoing certification requirements by Adobe, so trainings are always up-to-date, and they’re available onsite at users’ companies or at an Adobe Authorized Training Center.

Have you gone through this training program and/or are an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) or Adobe Certified Associate (ACA)? Any tips to share with the rest of our readers?

Lori DeFurio, Group Product Marketing Manager, Acrobat Solutions

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October 11, 2010

Forms, Forms, Forms

Sure as death and taxes, it’s a safe bet you’ll have to interact with a form sooner or later this month. From soccer moms and PTA presidents to political pollsters and market researchers, forms are part of the DNA of everyday living. But unlike death and taxes, forms these days can actually be…well not FUN but easier to use and surprisingly engaging.

There’s no formula for the perfect form. What’s great about creating forms with Acrobat 9 is the versatility you have. With the Forms Wizard feature of Acrobat 9 you can convert anything into a PDF form – Microsoft Word and Excel documents, scanned paper, or any other document which can be converted into a PDF file. Form fields are automatically recognized and converted to fillable fields making it easy for your clients, students, prospects, or applicants to complete. Because it’s a PDF document, anyone using free Adobe Reader software can fill in and save the content. No more printing and faxing.

And after you’ve created the form and distributed it for use, you can use the Form Tracker feature to see when the form was completed and who completed it. And you can review all your responses and then easily export the data to a spreadsheet for analysis and reporting.

If you need a form in a hurry, check out the forms gallery at There are more than a dozen ready-made templates for a variety of forms. You can download the template and tailor it for your mortgage brokerage, law firm or PTA potluck dinner sign up.

If you’ve created a form that works well for your business and you want to share it with the Acrobat community, you can do so. The community is always looking for useful, relevant templates to augment what’s already available, so we encourage your creativity and look forward to your submissions.

I guess forms can be kind of fun!

Dave Stromfeld, Senior Product Manager, Acrobat

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October 6, 2010

We Wanted To Be a Part Of It: New Yorker, New Yorker

Check out a new blog post from Rebecca Staley, Community Manager, who provides insight on the potential for work-togetherness with and Creative Suite.

In her post, Rebecca highlights a little gem of collaboration from Adobe’s Digital Publishing blog The New Yorker launches iPad edition using Adobe tools. But how does or Buzzword fit in here? Read Rebecca’s post to learn more.

Are you finding ways to incorporate the marriage of and the Creative Suite into your workflow? We would love to hear your stories. Drop us a line at, or comment below.

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October 4, 2010

Ask a “MAXpert” on Wednesday – Joel Geraci

What does Acrobat have in store at MAX this year? A ton.

The Acrobat team has more sessions, exhibits, labs and events planned at the conference than ever before. You’re not going to want to miss it.

Join Acrobat technical evangelist Joel Geraci this week on Wed., 10/6 at 1 p.m. PT for more insight into Acrobat at AdobeMAX.  Joel will share an overview of all the Acrobat activities at MAX, a sneak peek of his preconference Flash builder session, and answer your questions about MAX and Acrobat.

Check out Joel’s live preview session on Wednesday here.

Stay tuned for more Acrobat MAX updates . . .

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