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April 18, 2011

Business Communications Suite Spot

Business communications entered a new era when we delivered Adobe Acrobat X Suite. By combining some of the most powerful communications tools available, we provided business professionals, from CEOs and small business owners to engineers and marketing and sales executives, with tools they can use to create rich interactive media, edit and improve digital images, and deliver polished PDF communications.

But what we did was simply meet a growing trend, yet raise the bar at the same time. It’s pretty clear that the better you represent your company and yourself, the greater the likelihood of winning the new client, landing the big contract or getting buy-in from management for your idea. In fact, more and more business professionals and knowledge workers in small to medium sized businesses recognize the power high-impact presentations and interactive content have on customers, prospects and colleagues. Just being able to incorporate digital media in presentations amplifies your ideas. Here are some plain truths from our recent research:

• 45% of knowledge workers share digital photos for work at least once a month

• 27% of knowledge workers share digital video files for at least once a month

• Among Adobe Acrobat customers 63% share digital photos for work at least once a month, while 26% share digital video for work during the same period. So your competition is doing it. How about you?

Acrobat X Suite makes it easy. You get Acrobat X Pro, Photoshop CS5, Captivate 7, Presenter 7, LiveCycle Designer CS2 and Adobe Media Encoder CS5 in a single suite that opens the door to a new way to communicate. With Acrobat X Suite you can:

• Edit and insert photos: easily create engaging business communications; deliver engineering design documents with embedded images and drawings.

• Create multimedia screen captures and demos: build product or web demos; author interactive presentations; deliver self-service, interactive training materials.

• Add audio to presentations: create self-running presentations with audio voice-over from PowerPoint slide decks.

• Edit and share video: create product collateral with interactive materials; insert customer testimonial videos.

• Create dynamic, interactive forms: build new employee forms, conference registrations, invoices, order forms, purchase orders, or timesheets.

• Package and share information in PDF Portfolios: organize multiple types of content into polished PDF Portfolios for customer/employee welcome kits, RFIs/RFPs, marketing & event kits, case documents, design reviews, project summaries, and more.

So what are you waiting for? There’s no better time than now to try Acrobat X Suite. Start moving your business communications from static to dynamic with this free trial here. Also, take look at a new AdobeTV show called “What’s Inside Acrobat X Suite,” a collection of how-to tutorials. And don’t miss Wednesday’s eSeminar: “Introducing the Acrobat X Suite,” learn how to move your business communications from static to dynamic.

Up your game with the Suite!

Chris French, Senior Product Manager, Acrobat Solutions

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April 14, 2011

Acrobat Wizard at Work: John Pawlicki, OP Management

In February, I proudly released a 300-page aerospace industry article, “Report on the Key Websites & Marketplaces for the Aviation/Aerospace Market,” that includes industry information about market trends and emerging solutions, interactive documents, rich media content and technical design schematics to facilitate the trading and repair of aircraft parts.

At 260 pages produced over the course of almost a year, it was a daunting task, but in a macabre way, I wonder what it would’ve been like without using Acrobat to put this together.

You see, OP Management is currently a one-man shop (i.e. me). In the past I’d work on a proposal with my collaborators who had different applications and were looking at different versions of documents. To add another layer, not only were our applications disparate, but these folks were also located in other parts of the country and the world!

Needless to say, the workflow wasn’t ideal. I needed a complete document solution to support end-to-end, in-house publishing and gave me control over documents distributed to my partners.

Fortunately, I’ve seen firsthand the end-to-end possibilities of a report like this using Acrobat. My team and I were able to develop, publish and distribute this report—from start to finish—efficiently and securely. The content is so rich now thanks to capabilities we learned about in Acrobat’s PDF Portfolios to deliver interactive graphs and videos. In fact we plan to use Acrobat and its PDF Portfolios capabilities to deliver presentations at upcoming industry events to market our products, services, and of course, our report.

I’m now actively sharing these possibilities to our historically resistant clients. They have older ways of working and may feel threatened by change, but one of the advantages of using Acrobat is that it’s cross-platform, not to mention the other benefits like added security and working with rich media within the digital documents.

My hope is that our clients will see the ubiquity and rich content possibilities in Acrobat as I do. It’s something I hope will separate my company from everything else going on in the field.

John Pawlicki is Principal and CEO at OP Management. Check out the report John references, “Report on the Key Websites & Marketplaces for the Aviation/Aerospace Market,” here

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April 13, 2011

Actions and IT

Gain insights on how organizations can standardize processes and routine multi-step tasks with the new Actions capability in Acrobat X, reducing the burden of training. In the third of the five-part Acrobat X and IT series, Chris French, Senior Product Manager, Acrobat Solutions, highlights Actions, one the top new IT capabilities in Acrobat X.

Check out the video here:

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April 11, 2011

What’s New for IT

The Acrobat team is excited to kick off a five-part series highlighting the top new IT capabilities in Acrobat X: deployment, security, Actions, Microsoft SharePoint and more. Starting today, tune in for insights from Chris French, Senior Product Manager, Acrobat Solutions for the first of five parts kicking off with an overview of how Acrobat X is making it easier for IT managers to deploy this new solution, reduce costs and enhance security across the enterprise.

Check out the video here:

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April 8, 2011

Tourism marketing firm uses to save time and work more effectively

In a recent conversation with Ian Marshman, founder of Tourism Strategies, we learned how difficult it can be to market exotic travel destinations across the South Pacific and Australia, and how the company is using Adobe to overcome many of those challenges.

Marshman explained how Tourism Strategies uses to share documents with travel agencies scattered in urban and remote locations—regardless of local bandwidth—and accelerate the design, review, and delivery of  brochures. The consultancy can distribute these documents more reliably and solicit feedback from travel partners much more conveniently than with size-restricted email servers or with costly and cumbersome physical mailings.

Also, Tourism Strategies has expanded its service offerings with by delivering electronic diaries to student travelers to enhance experience on educational excursions. The electronic documents—complete with itineraries, assignments, and activities—can be shared both with the students and their parents.

To learn more about how Tourism Strategies is using, visit here.

Todd Gerber, Group Product Marketing Manager, Solutions 

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April 7, 2011

IT’s Next Challenge

Tune in for insights from the new whitepaper, “IT’s Next Challenge: Three key trends in document collaboration and exchange” in this video.  Ali Hanyaloglu, Product Evangelist, Acrobat Solutions, highlights next steps for IT to collaborate beyond office walls and enable IT’s infrastructure to better support the increase of rich media within documents, and of course, reduce costs by being more efficient. 

Check out the video here:

Read the full white paper here.

Learn more about the recently launched Acrobat IT Resource Center, here.

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