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June 29, 2011


This week, let’s start out with a riddle: What’s better—easier, more effective—than sending your large files with SendNow, the file transfer service that’s always just a click or two away?

Actually, it’s a trick question. No such service could be easier or more effective than SendNow—except, perhaps, another manifestation of SendNow. The service that’s always been just a matter of a few clicks of the mouse is now even closer at hand with the release of our new Desktop App. In this new app, you’ll find all the pieces of SendNow that you’ve gotten accustomed to in the web-based version: easy file-sending capability, file tracking, and branding with your logo.

However, we’ve added a few extra tidbits to make the application even more convenient. First, the app saves you the trouble of opening a browser window; you can keep it running while you do your work—and it will always be ready for you when you want to send off your files.

Our second enhancement—available only in the desktop app—is the ability to drag and drop the files you want to send; this means a more intuitive interface and even fewer clicks for you. Instead of clicking around to find the file you want to send (“Where did I store that? Was it in ‘My Documents’? ….No; maybe on my desktop? No…”), just grab the file while you’re looking at it and drag it over to the SendNow application. Nothing could be simpler.

Finally, what’s better than the easiest and most effective file sharing desktop application? The easiest, most effective and totally free file sharing desktop application. If you’ve got a SendNow account, you can simply download and install the application—free of charge. How’s that for convenient?

To get started, head over to and get downloading!

Rebecca Staley, marketing specialist, Acrobat Solutions


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June 27, 2011

Insights on Acrobat Solutions: Interview with Chris LeTocq on Enterprise-wide Productivity

Acrobat product evangelist Ali Hanyaloglu chats with Chris Le Tocq from Crimson Consulting on the recently published report that shows how Acrobat X is a strategic choice for enterprise-wide productivity gains. Check out the full interview on our YouTube channel:

Hungry for more? Download the free report and a cost savings calculator from

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June 23, 2011

Facebook Poll Results and Insights: What are you sending with file transfer services or FTP sites?

This past month, we began polling you, our community, on our Facebook page. From the poll results, we opened with a question about the average size of the files you send with file transfer programs. It sounds as though most of you send files that are smaller than 25 GB, but almost a third of you need to send 100 GB files, and about 7% have 300 GB files to send! That got us wondering: what types of files are you sending with file transfer services or FTP sites? Here are our results:

Facebook poll on the Adobe Acrobat page:

So, it seems that 52% of you are sending graphic files or web design assets, and about a third are sending large PDF files. Other popular files include high resolution photos, application updates, business plans and family memories (personal files to family and friends).

Don’t worry, though; we’ve got a really simple suggestion that we think will make your lives a little easier. If you’re using file transfer services or FTP sites to send graphics or other assets (or if you have any large files to send, really), you’ll want to try Adobe SendNow. Not only can you send up to 100 MB for free, but you can send a broad range of files from CAD files to audio or video files to Microsoft Word documents. For a full list of files check out the Adobe SendNow FAQ.

William Lau, senior product marketing manager, Acrobat Solutions

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June 22, 2011

Insights on Security: Brad Arkin

Brad Arkin, Sr. Director of Product Security and Privacy, chats about Adobe’s strategy in the security space and discusses how application security has been updated to include Acrobat 10.1 in this new video:

Still hungry for more? Don’t miss next week’s Tech Talk on Acrobat X and Protected View – learn how the sandbox works and how it can protect you from internet attacks, June 28, 10 a.m. PST. Learn more here.

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June 20, 2011

Relieving a Taxing Burden

I love talking to our Acrobat customers. With every customer I learn something new and useful to pass on to others. Take McGladrey, for instance.

McGladrey, the brand under which RSM McGladrey and McGladrey & Pullen operate, ranks as the fifth largest professional services firm in the U.S. McGladrey’s 7,000 professionals in nearly 80 cities collaborate with clients daily to meet their tax, auditing and business consulting needs. Recently I learned about how McGladrey is using a new Adobe program to save hundreds of thousands of dollars through their desktop manager, Matt Corcoran.

Matt centrally manages the thousands of desktop and laptop systems and myriad software applications for all the firm’s locations. He helps ensure that McGladrey’s accounting professionals have the tools they need to meet compliance requirements, increase revenues, and surpass clients’ expectations.

McGladrey uses several software applications to prepare tax returns or audits for example, but they standardized on PDF to support paperless workflows and to automate processes. Using PDF increases efficiency and productivity, provides secure collaboration with clients and streamlines document management and processes, such as e-filing with the IRS.

A key part of Matt’s job is to provide a fully licensed, up-to-date solution for supporting PDF documents and workflows. But that had become a challenging, costly and time-consuming process.

Over the years, the proliferation of PDF applications increased the firm’s IT complexity and costs substantially. Matt thinks that he and his team spent 100 hours or more annually on manual software license management related to PDF. IT staffs in all 90 offices also devoted an inordinate amount of time tracking software licensing locally using individual spreadsheets.

Keeping track of licenses wasn’t the only problem. Maintaining security added to the challenge. Having to install updates for multiple versions of Acrobat software to keep everyone on par with the software’s latest security features and enhancements complicated deployment to end users, consumed time, and inevitably increased service desk calls.

Then Matt learned about the Adobe Acrobat Enterprise Program (AEP). AEP is a cost-effective way to purchase and deploy Acrobat software for every desktop.

“Our firm is very conservative cost-wise, so I based our estimated savings on growth of Acrobat licenses alone. I calculated that we would save $600,000 over four years by standardizing on Acrobat, and that did not even begin to factor in all the IT time and effort we would save,” Matt says.

AEP significantly streamlined licensing and deployment for McGladrey. Today, Matt says he spends only about two hours a year tracking and updating Acrobat software licenses. That’s a huge decrease from before. Now he just contacts HR for the current number of employees, and then enters that number into the company’s e-procurement system. After that, he can simply add the latest version of Acrobat into the firm’s standard software image for deployment across McGladrey’s offices. AEP also helped shore up any deficits identified in Acrobat license counts for more cost savings.

The Adobe AEP relieved McGladrey of a taxing burden by taking the guesswork out of licensing, saving the company hundreds of thousands of dollars, and making it easier to manage desktops. Take a look at AEP to see how it could help your organization, here.

To read the full McGladrey customer story, read on here.

Mark Grilli, director of product marketing, Acrobat Solutions

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June 17, 2011

Adobe Acrobat Timeline

On June 15th, we celebrated the 18th birthdays of Adobe Acrobat and PDF, technology innovations that fundamentally changed electronic communication and impacted computer users worldwide. Today, Adobe PDF is a ubiquitous, recognized standard for moving information, images, video and audio between computers, improving business processes and enhancing user experiences.

Turning 18 is a significant milestone. Just for fun, we’ve compiled a timeline from 1993 to today of some of the important cultural and technology milestones we encountered while Acrobat and PDF were growing up and changing how we communicate. There’s also an official Adobe PDF timeline here.

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