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October 31, 2011

Can I Get a Receipt for That, Please?

When you fill out a form and submit it, you’d like to know that it reached its destination. Whether you’re a prospective customer who’s completed a sales lead form, a workshop registrant who’s filled out a registration form, or a student who’s applied for a grant, you want to know that the form has been received by the company or organization.

Well, now you can be certain that your form has been received.

Submission Receipts is a new paid feature of Adobe FormsCentral that does just that. FormsCentral users can now automatically send a form filler – the customer, registrant or student, for instance — an email receipt after they have completed and submitted the HTML form. Using Submission Receipts, the form author picks which field in the form contains the email address to send the receipt. The author can also customize the reply‐to, subject and body of the email message. And if they want, they can include the data that was submitted by the form filler.

The benefits of Submission Receipt are clear. Form fillers get confirmation that their data was entered correctly and that their response was successfully received by the organization. They also get proof that they actually filled out the form with the data they entered, and the submission can be printed or archived. Plus, the form author can communicate additional information to the form filler (e.g. conference location, contact phone number) via e-mail.

Submission Receipt is a paid feature of FormsCentral and is available now. You can watch this video to get a good idea of how it works. But you should also give it a try to see how it can add a new dimension to your sales and marketing programs.

Randy Swineford, FormsCentral Product Manager

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October 24, 2011

Adobe SendNow: It’s Ideal for Lawyers Too

PDF for Lawyers, a popular legal blog, has just published a wonderful post on using SendNow to send files to others.  Ernest Svenson, a litigator from New Orleans, draws attention to the Detailed Tracking feature and says it’s like “having an audit trail of the fact that the documents were produced on a certain date. Litigators surely want this, and I would think that they’d happily pay the $10/month fee.”

For the full article, go take a look at the PDF for Lawyers:

William Lau

Senior Product Marketing Manager

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Customer Story: Arup

Arup is renowned for delivering original and sustainable designs to clients worldwide. High-profile Arup projects include its work on the Sydney Opera House, and more recently, the Beijing National Stadium for the 2008 Summer Olympics. Arup uses Adobe Acrobat X and Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection to transform how it collaborates on and communicates details about its innovative design projects. Using components of Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection, Arup brings to life the firm’s groundbreaking projects with richly animated visual representations of projects for clients to feel more engaged and informed at every stage of a project.

Arup signed an enterprise license agreement (ELA) with Adobe to simplify software licensing and cost effectively distribute Acrobat X to its employees’ desktops. Acrobat X enables employees to quickly convert drawings, reports, and other client-facing materials to project documents in PDF that are flexible, consistent, and more protected. The dynamic content in PDF files can be easily shared across multiple platforms and devices, which improves collaboration among engineers, designers, regulatory officials, and customers. Plus, the easy commenting and markup features in Acrobat X are highly advantageous to Arup.

For Arup, Acrobat X and Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection software have become integral tools to support many everyday operations at the firm—to learn more about the time and efficiency gains Arup has achieved, click here.


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October 21, 2011

Bringing greater efficiencies and savings to vital domestic abuse services

Sadly, domestic abuse affects millions of men and women every day around the globe. Fortunately, organizations like The Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women (DAHMW) provides support and counsel to victims of domestic violence during tumultuous times in their lives.

To track information about calls and requests, DAHMW recently switched from using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to Adobe FormsCentral in its call center—reducing what was a 30-minute process to only 5 minutes. What’s more, Adobe FormsCentral enables advocates to improve the accuracy of data they capture and submit during their shifts on the helpline, with an easy-to-use solution.

Adobe FormsCentral makes the digital forms intuitive, easier to complete, and much more manageable. An added plus is that Adobe FormsCentral can also be customized and helps prevent data corruption as the forms pass from user to user. And of course, the affordability and ease of using Adobe FormsCentral strike the right chord with DAHMW, as the organization looks to maximize the dollars available to support its public-facing programs.


As a national non-profit agency that relies partially on donations obtained through grants to run its day-to-day operations, DAHMW grant writers are busy developing the content to share with potential donors. Here, too, Adobe FormsCentral plays an important role; by giving grant writers high-quality, reliable service information to present to potential donors.

During our conversation, Garo Green, board member and consultant for DAHMW noted, “Adobe FormsCentral delivers outstanding value to our organization. It aides clear communication and collaboration across groups to help ensure that we are all focused on our mission and that we are providing the best service possible.”

To find out more about how DAHMW takes advantage of the powerful, affordable Adobe FormsCentral solution, click here.

Randy Swineford, group product manager, Acrobat Solutions

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October 20, 2011

Introducing Adobe Reader for iOS

Introducing Adobe Reader for iOS devices. Here, we’ll go through the basic features of the new Adobe Reader application for iPhone and iPad. Download the free app in the iTunes app store today:

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October 19, 2011

Nominate Reader for iOS as “Most Useful Mobile App” in the 5th Annual Mashable Awards

Thanks to the announcement of Reader for iOS, viewing and interacting with PDF files has never been easier! That’s why we believe Reader for iOS deserves the Mashable Award for “Most Useful App.” Not to mention, yesterday Reader for iOS ranked as the #1 Free iPad App and #8 Free iPhone App in the iTunes store. Although the new Reader app already stands out with its highly intuitive interface and versatile functionality, we need your help to win this award!

Here’s where you come in. From now till November 18,  you can submit a nomination for Reader for iOS in the “Most Useful App” category each day. Once the nomination period closes, Mashable’s editors will select seven finalists from each category, and announce them on November 21. Mashable readers will then vote for the winners.

We’d love your support and encourage you to check out Reader for iOS – if you haven’t already – so you can see why Reader truly is the most useful app!

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