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February 3, 2012

Valentine’s Day Quiz

Do you remember the game “Would You Rather” from our middle school days? If you’ve never played, here’s the premise: friends give each other two horrifying scenarios to choose from. You must choose one scenario. And that’s the whole game. In middle school, these choices were usually something like “Would you rather eat bugs or drink a glass of mud?” or “Would you rather wear your mom’s clothes to a party or get on the school PA system and sing a Tony Bennett song dedicated to your crush?”

As you’ve probable surmised, it’s impossible to win this game. No matter which choice you pick, you always wind up with something less than palatable. Winning is hardly the point, though; the point is to wait your turn to watch your friends squirm with discomfort or howl with dismay, depending on their outcome. Endless fun for everyone, right? Of course.

Fast forward to right now. We’re way beyond middle school, and most of us have a far more sophisticated sense of fun.

…And when we say our humor is “more sophisticated”, what we mean is that our humor is the same, just older. That’s why the FormsCentral team has recreated “Would You Rather” for grown-ups, all in honor of Valentine’s Day. We’ve put together a very unsentimental, unromantic, choose-your-own-adventure quiz for all of us who’d rather gloat over the gruesome fictional fate of our friends than sit through a sappy romantic comedy replete with terrible banter and predictable storyline. If we can promise you anything about the Valentine’s Day quiz on FormsCentral, we promise that the storylines you’ll read there are anything but predictable. Remember what we said? ENDLESS FUN. Knock yourselves out (and gross out your friends) with these gruesome choices here.

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February 2, 2012

Updates from the Search for the World’s Smartest Project Manager

Working with others takes on a whole new meaning — not sure the World’s Smartest Project Manager would agree. Check it out.

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February 1, 2012

On the Trail of the World’s Smartest Project Manager

One part MacGyver, one part Forrest Gump, two parts organizational genius, the world’s smartest Project Manager is out there.  Meet colorful characters and use your own skills to track down this elusive and talented individual via our fun and interactive site. Get a sneak peak and join the search, starting with the video below!

If you think you work with, or perhaps are the smartest project manager in the world, be sure to report a sighting here.  Happy hunting!

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