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May 30, 2012

Adobe FormsCentral Revolutionizes Admission Process at Center of Theological Inquiry

A pioneer in theological research, The Center of Theological Inquiry (CTI), relies on technology to reach the world’s best research scholars across a number of disciplines. Recently, CTI adopted Adobe FormsCentral as a way to transform and simplify its admission process.

Shirah Metzigan, center manager for CTI, shared with us how Adobe FormsCentral has streamlined the application process saying, “Each application we receive is properly completed, eliminating delays in the review cycle.  As a result, submissions are completed more thoroughly and errors have been dramatically reduced, which has greatly improved our review process.”

CTI also uses the advanced web analytics and reporting capabilities in FormsCentral to help manage the influx of applications. This has ensured that CTI can keep the admission process impartial and fair by restricting access to forms after the submission deadline has passed. By collecting this data online, it has eliminated the headache that is native to managing any lengthy paper application process.

To learn more about how the Center of Theological Inquiry uses Adobe FormsCentral, check out the full story here:

Randy Swineford, FormsCentral product manager, Adobe

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May 21, 2012

Acrobat Customer Spotlight: Leading IT Organization Now Handles 10 Times More Accounting Transactions Per Month

With teams dispersed all over the globe and multiple review cycles, how do IT organizations enhance collaboration?

One of the ways that Epona sets itself apart from other IT consultancy firms is by concentrating on enhanced collaboration across its diverse workforce and clients worldwide. Epona president Bart van Wanroij recently talked with us about how the company is using Adobe Acrobat X Pro with Microsoft SharePoint, saying “Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft SharePoint are unparalleled at enabling more efficient collaboration.”

Epona is staying at the forefront of technology by operating in a cloud-based environment that helps safeguard proprietary information. Adds van Wanroij, “Working with SharePoint-hosted, Adobe PDF files, teams collaborate seamlessly in cloud-based environments as they share, review, and comment on materials.”

Today, Epona converts many of its business documents to PDF and uploads them to Microsoft SharePoint, as part of a process that not only saves paper, but also speeds up review and approval because all documents are centrally located and easily available in a single, reliable file format.

With Acrobat X, Epona is using a lot less paper, helping the company realize cost savings and environmental sustainability goals. By taking advantage of the PDF workflows supported by Acrobat X and Microsoft SharePoint, Epona is improving productivity all around. For instance, the company has found that fewer employees can now manage ten times more accounting transactions per month, thanks to the new efficiencies.

To read more about Epona and its use of Adobe Acrobat X Pro with Microsoft SharePoint, check out the full story here.

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May 17, 2012

How Suite It Is

EchoSign Awarded NetSuite SuiteApp of the Year

We are excited to share some news hot off the press from the show floor at NetSuite World.

This week NetSuite recognized Adobe EchoSign as a Netsuite SuiteApp Partner of the Year. Adobe EchoSign for NetSuite brings all of EchoSign’s functionality to NetSuite users and is the only eSignature system with complete integration to NetSuite. For the full scoop on the news, check out the EchoSign blog, here.

Learn more about EchoSign for NetSuite.

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May 15, 2012

Sports Teams Boost Ticket Sales With Digital Contracts

Beyond winning games and striving to make it to the playoffs, sports teams also need to focus on business activities. One main area of focus is increasing ticket sales – both for season and suite sales, as well as general ticket sales.

The Atlanta Hawks ticket and suite sales teams always aim to sell face-to-face, but due to the nature of the business, it’s not always possible. The sales teams had to resort to closing deals over the phone, which presented delays. Often, getting a deal signed required several back-and-forth steps through email, fax and printing. Now, with the entire suite and ticket sales team using Adobe EchoSign, salespeople can email contracts to prospects while on the phone with them and have signatures returned in as few as two minutes. Plus, the available tracking mechanisms make it simple to analyze and improve on the sales process by analyzing which contracts are opened or signed, how many contracts were sent out, how many contracts were declined versus how many were signed, and who is sending contracts and when.

With a sales team drowning in paperwork, the Carolina Hurricanes eagerly made the switch to a Web contracting solution to manage its ticket sales process. Sales reps send out contracts via the EchoSign Web applications, and buyers can respond online or via smartphones or tablets, making the process much easier and quicker for customers.  The team saw fast success when it first adopted Adobe EchoSign to renew season tickets, and customers gave positive feedback about the platform’s easy-to-use features.

eSignatures streamline the entire ticket sales process, benefitting both the sales teams and the customers. So far in the 2012 season, the Atlanta Hawks have more than doubled the number of contracts signed as compared to the same time a year ago. Both teams have seen such great results that they’re planning to extend their use of the service.

The new age of Web contracting forever changes the sales process. Watch this video to see how.

Loretta Jones, senior marketing manager, Adobe EchoSign


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May 14, 2012

Which Video Format Do You Prefer?

Are you familiar with the Acrobat offerings on AdobeTV? You can find these helpful tutorials, explanations, and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks here.  We’re always looking to enhance the tutorial experience, and we’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions.  Our own Lori DeFurio has posted a poll on her blog – take a look at the new audio and visual setup and let us know you what you think!  These videos are made to serve our great community of Acrobat users. Thanks for your participation!

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May 2, 2012

The Acrobat Team Wants You!

We’re looking for a few good volunteers to take part in our prerelease program and be among the first to test the features and functions of the next version of Adobe Acrobat.

Over the years, the prerelease program has provided us with tremendous insight into what works and what doesn’t, what customers like and what they don’t like, and help finding possible bugs.

That early feedback has helped us build applications that are used by millions of people around the world in their everyday work to create compelling content across media and devices, anytime, anywhere.

You don’t have to be code-savvy; you just have to want to help. Prerelease participants have all kinds of experience.  So if you think you’ve got what it takes, and you’re interested in testing future versions of Adobe products, apply here.

Chris French, senior product manager, Acrobat

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