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June 11, 2012

Where Does it Hurt? A Closer Look at Pain Points

In my talks with customers, it always amazes me how much similarity there is in the core problems businesses are trying to solve. Companies are trying to figure how to get things done more efficiently and effectively, while at the same time, lower costs, streamline their processes, protect their business interests, and empowering their end users with best practices.

This is no easy feat for IT. Where to start? I have found that the best organizations do this by first focusing on prioritizing the “pain points” of their end users.

My latest article in Lifehack expands more on the specific challenges I hear on daily basis from customers, like: “Editing PDF documents is a hassle” and “It’s hard to send large files with email and IT restrictions”. In the article, I suggest that IT organizations think beyond just offering tools and begin to leverage best in class practices for their business that address the common issues of the end user. This becomes even important as we move into a new business climate where we are not just trying to be productive on our PC’s, but also on our phones and tablets.

Thanks to feedback from our customers, this is how we think at Adobe when addressing their needs. Now, many companies including McGladrey, Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor, LLP, and Canon are deploying Acrobat for reasons that directly address the pain points of their employees, customers and constituents, and they are all realizing extraordinary benefits.

You can read the full post in Lifehack here for a list of common customer IT “pain points”.

–Mark Grilli, senior director of product marketing, Acrobat Solutions

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June 7, 2012

New Study Says Adobe Acrobat X Has Positive Economic Impact on IT

A recent commissioned study of current Adobe Acrobat customers conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Adobe identified a series of IT and end user productivity costs savings by standardizing on Acrobat X. For the study, “Total Economic Impact™ Study of Adobe Acrobat X,” Forrester interviewed seven current Adobe Acrobat X customers, from an engineering consultancy and an accounting firm, to an insurance and financial services company and a large manufacturing enterprise.

Based on the interviews, Forrester identified four areas where Acrobat X is helping to save money and improve productivity in IT. These include reimaging systems cost savings, end user productivity gains from more efficient patch deployments, IT cost savings in managing patch rollouts, and cost savings from converting PDF to Microsoft Word or Excel.


Using the data collected from the interviews, Forrester created a financial analysis for a composite organization of 1,000 Adobe Acrobat X users. Over three years, the IT staff time that the composite organization devoted to patch testing and release declined from seven months (pre-Acrobat X) to three weeks (with Acrobat X).  End-users also spent significantly less time rebooting their systems due to reduced patch frequency.  Additionally, IT saved three hours per machine on hardware reimaging by automating the deployment of Acrobat X using Microsoft SCCM.

Bottom line? The three-year, risk-adjusted ROI for Forrester’s composite company is 112 percent, with a breakeven point (payback period) after deployment of 11.8 months.

The Forrester study helps confirm some things we already know about how Acrobat X can benefit an IT organization:

  • Enhance existing systems and processes to increase organizational productivity
  • Help safeguard systems and data
  • Easy deployment and management across the entire enterprise
  • Quick data collection using fillable PDF forms
  • Streamline PDF tasks
  • Expedite document reviews and approvals

You can read the complete Forrester study in the latest edition of the Acrobat IT Newsletter on our IT Resource Center, where you’ll also find technical tips and tricks, whiter papers, expert guidance and more information that will help you deploy and manage Acrobat X efficiently and effectively.

Ali Hanyaloglu, senior marketing manager, Acrobat Solutions

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June 5, 2012

Customer Spotlight: Streamlined Event Management Using Adobe FormsCentral

Every year, the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) holds a meeting that attracts thousands of surgeons and medical device manufacturers. I assist in managing the popular event, which has swelled to over 500 exhibitors.

With the help of Adobe FormsCentral, we have simplified many time-consuming, forms-based event management processes.

We can create customized, branded forms using Adobe FormsCentral in five minutes, less time than it takes to create and print out a form using Microsoft Word. The forms are not only branded, but also intuitive. Exhibitors can fill them out on the go with smartphones, which is useful since they are often traveling for other tradeshows. Also, since we can control the layout and required fields in forms, critical information is gathered with ease and accuracy, and this has dramatically accelerated the time it takes to approve and process forms.

A big advantage of FormsCentral is that all of the exhibitors’ responses and requests are readily available online. In the past, we had to organize and carry around reams of paper forms that were submitted, and the spreadsheets we manually created from them. Clunky, manual spreadsheets are a thing of the past, because exhibitors’ responses are safely stored electronically—there’s no more lugging file folders or binders around.

With Adobe FormsCentral, we can log in to any computer and get the information we need. It is all right at our fingertips.

To learn more about the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and its use of Adobe FormsCentral, read the full story here:

Jason Raymond, exhibits assistant, American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons

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