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March 27, 2013

Productivity & Profit: How Apps make a real difference for business

There are some business professionals who still categorize “Apps” as flashy  games, and social networks as places where employees go to play.   However, every year business-focused Apps continue to hit the marketplace and add value to small, medium and large businesses alike  – whether it’s helping employees more efficiently connect with each other, clients, industry networks or providing real-time analytics on billing, contracts, documents or even miles traveled on behalf of the company or client. As recent years have proven, nearly every business interaction nowadays has a digital or simpler solution with technology.

Forbes recently posted an article naming EchoSign in their top 10 Apps to make your business more productive.  The EchoSign app enables business pros to take their business deals anywhere in the world – allowing them to send, sign, store and manage contracts and deals with ease. Other apps noted in the article include:  Meeting Mapper and  StratPad.

As technology evolves, what are some of your predictions for the next round of business-focused apps that will continue to save time and beef up profits and productivity in the next two years? Take a look at the rest of Forbes 10 Mobile Apps to Make Your Business More Productive in 2013.


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March 21, 2013

IT Tips and Tricks: New How-To Videos Posted

I am a very fortunate individual indeed, for many reasons, most of which wouldn’t be appropriate for me to divulge in a public place like this one. One of the reasons I am so fortunate is that I get to work with talented and dedicated people on a daily basis. Take Steve Cordero, for example. Steve has just posted three new how-to videos on Adobe TV just for IT professionals like you who need to configure, deploy, update and manage Adobe Acrobat XI and Adobe Reader XI within their organization.

Steve is one of our technical support managers, who tirelessly helps our largest customers through their Acrobat deployment needs. But he doesn’t bottle that knowledge up in some kind of magical memory store [due to international copyright laws I am probably not able to make a direct reference to a famous wizarding professor in a famous castle with a famous student wizard that stumbles across a famous magical memory store]. We’re grateful that Steve has been able to share with us all how to get things done.

The latest videos from Mr. Cordero are:

There are also many other videos within the Acrobat IT Tips show on Adobe TV to help you be successful with Acrobat XI in your organization.

Now, time for me to go back to brewing butterbeer…

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March 13, 2013

Acrobat XI ACE exam now available – become an Acrobat XI certified expert!

The Adobe Certified Expert program exists to endorse your software skills: if you know a piece of software so well that you could use it in your sleep – and can prove it by passing an exam with flying colors – don’t you think the world should know? We sure think so; and now you can become an ACE in Acrobat XI Pro by taking the newly-available exam for the latest and greatest version of Acrobat. For certification information, check out Adobe Training Services; then when you’re ready, schedule your Acrobat XI ACE exam to let everyone know just what an expert you are. (Added bonus: Getting to put “ACE” on your business cards.) The exam is currently available in English, with German, French and Japanese versions coming soon.

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March 4, 2013

More about those Adobe Reader XI Tools

Last week, we pointed you over to the Adobe Reader blog, where there was a post about what kinds of great things you (and your non-Acrobat-using friends) can do in Adobe Reader XI. This week, they’re at it again: this time with help getting started using the services in Adobe Reader’s Tools pane. If you’re curious and want to try them out, we suggest reading more over on the Adobe Reader blog.

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March 1, 2013

Tip: Google Chrome & the Adobe Acrobat Create PDF extension

The latest version of Chrome i.e. Chrome 25 has made some changes to the extensions installed by third party programs. The extract below from an announcement blog post by the Chrome Product Manager summarizes these changes:

“Extensions installed by third party programs using external extension deployment options will be disabled by default. When a third party program installs an extension, the Chrome menu will be badged, and users can click through the Chrome menu to see a dialog containing an option to enable the extension or to remove it from their computer.

In addition, all extensions previously installed using external deployment options will be automatically disabled. Chrome will show a one-time prompt to allow the re-enabling of any of the extensions.”

The Adobe Acrobat Create PDF extension for Chrome falls in this category. So, if you have been using this extension, it would be disabled by the latest Chrome upgrade. If that is the case (which means you have missed the one time prompt that Chrome shows to enable extensions after the upgrade), here is what you need to do to enable this. (Click on an image to enlarge it for more detail.)

  1. Click “Settings” on the Chrome menu.
  2. Chrome Settings

  3. Select “Extensions”. You will see “Adobe Acrobat – Create PDF” listed there. Check the “Enable” box alongside it. This will enable Adobe Acrobat PDF Creation extension on your Chrome browser.
  4. Chrome Settings 2

If you are doing a fresh installation of Acrobat, you will see a green badge on Chrome browser menu (after Acrobat installation is completed). You can then click through the Chrome menu to see a dialog containing an option to enable the extension. Select “Enable extension” to enable Adobe Acrobat PDF Creation extension on your Chrome browser.



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