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April 30, 2013

Workaround for Safari 5.1.9 incompatibility with Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat

Mac OS has been one of a very widely used platform by Adobe customers. But recently, with a Safari upgrade the compatibility of Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat applications to open PDFs inside browser has again come to a hold.

As you install an Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat application on a Mac machine, the installer additionally installs a NAPI plugin inside Library -> Internet Plugins Folder, so that Mac users can open PDFs inside Safari using Adobe Reader/Acrobat app seamlessly (instead of using the conventional Preview which only supports a small set of PDFs).

But For Mac Snow Leopard users, the upgrade of Safari to 5.1.9 has proven fatal. Till Safari 5.1.8, users will be able to still open PDFs inside Safari without any issues. But post upgrading Safari to 5.1.9, Adobe Reader do not opens PDFs inside Safari.

As of now many users have reported this issue on Apple Blogs:

Some users have reported this issue via Bug to Apple as well (rdar://13694491)

To resolve the issue, I hereby give our Adobe users a quick workaround:-

Basically, the earlier versions of Safari used to have an entry in the for WebKitOmitPDFSupport which now do not exist anymore. So we just go and add it.

To add the entry:

1.)    Go to Library -> Preferences

2.)    Open “” in Property List Editor or any Text Editor like TextWrangler.

3.)    Add a new key with the name “WebKitOmitPDFSupport” of type Boolean and define its value as True (checked). i.e.:


4.)    Save the plist.

5.)    Restart Safari.

Property List Editor Snapshot

After applying the above workaround, users will be able to open PDFs inside Safari again. Note that, in case if you don’t have Adobe Reader / Adobe Acrobat installed on your Mac, then the above workaround will simply download the PDF onto your system.

Just for reference, Adobe fixed the same issue earlier in 2011 for Safari 5.1.0 :

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ExportPDF: Refer A Friend (and Reward Yourself)

We all deserve a little treat once in a while: maybe you’re the type to indulge in a little chocolate every so often, or maybe you’ll take a weekend getaway at the end of a big work project. In any case, there’s nothing wrong with being good to yourself; and if being good to yourself is also good for others, well, that’s a bonus!

If you’re in a self-indulgent mood, check out the latest offer from the ExportPDF team: starting today, you can refer friends to ExportPDF to earn cold, hard cash (to help you afford that getaway, perhaps?). Not only are you getting a little boost, your friends will be introduced to the ExportPDF service to help edit PDF content in their day-to-day work life. You’ll be doing them (and yourself) a favor.

Here’s how it works: For every one of your friends who signs up for a new ExportPDF subscription, you’ll be rewarded with a cool $5.00; signing up one friend will get you a tasty treat from the bakery next door, and signing up 20 friends will get you to go out to dinner at that new restaurant you’ve been dying to try. Why hold back? You’ve earned this. Learn more and get started at

Program details: Valid through July 17, 2013. Each referral will entitle you to one (1) $5.00 gift card to either Starbucks or Maximum number of referrals is 120, or reward value of $600.
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April 26, 2013

Top 5 Tech Blogs for IT Professionals

Look, it’s time we were honest with each other: we know we’re not your only blog. We know you’ve got plenty of other feeds popping up in your RSS reader of choice (which, by the way, can’t be Google Reader anymore – what are you all using instead?). Today, in the interest of full disclosure, we thought we’d share a few of the online resources we look at when we open up our laptops first thing in the morning. Check out our top 5 sites for techy news, reviews, and events:

  1. ZDNet- This blog is one of the best resources for IT professionals to find information about products, trends, optimization tips and more.  ZDNet has editions for 13 different geographic regions, providing you with important news from around the world, as well as local information most relevant to you.
  2. Tech Republic- This website is not just a single blog; the blogging section covers a wide scope of topics including everything from a Tech Sanity Check to CIO Insights. Definitely worth a look!
  3. The Next Web- A leading publication on internet technology, business and culture.  Their conference information alone is enough of a reason to check them out. Every two weeks they update the site with a list with all of the best conferences from around the world.
  4. CIO- Here’s another site that hosts multiple blogs; beyond that, they’ve also got a section for whitepapers, a job board, and plenty of extensive research and analysis.
  5. CNET- This is one of the top places to get extensive product reviews and the latest tech news.  Should you buy that gadget now, or wait for the new one? Odds are you’ll find an answer here.

We could go on and on about all the useful resources online for IT and tech news, but we’d rather hear from you: help us finish this list with your own favorite go-to sites. Let us know in the comments section which blogs and publications you read for up-to-date information that helps you stay ahead of the curve. We promise not to be jealous.

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April 9, 2013

Is PDF Application Security really that important?

Cyber attackers today are intent on not only stealing data, but also crashing systems, damaging reputations, or just simply showing off their hacking prowess. As a result, businesses, schools and government agencies have to spend more resources to battle those attacks. It’s not only expensive from an IT perspective, but also in the potential loss of trust in that organization by their customers and constituents. A recent survey by PWC found that 28.6% of respondents claim their company suffered financial loss due to a security breach incident. That’s a worrying statistic for sure.


Universally-accepted file types – including PDF, unfortunately – are one of many ways these hackers gain entry to systems by embedding malicious code into the files. So choosing a PDF software application that fully uses modern mitigation techniques to reduce risk is obviously important. To help you understand the risks and evaluate a vendor’s approach to security, we have recently updated and published the white paper PDF Application Security – How to minimize your risk. It’s available for free from Adobe’s web site.


The white paper contains results of independent third-­party testing on the entire Acrobat family of products, specifically related to security. Adobe Reader X and Adobe Acrobat X produced excellent results in security testing by implementing what security experts call a “defense-in-depth” approach within the software and as offered by the operating system. Adobe Reader XI and Adobe Acrobat XI have improved security and sandboxing even further, and Adobe continues to invest in security. This investment has helped reduce the need for out-­of-­cycle security updates. Note in the diagram below, Adobe Acrobat X only had two out-­of-­cycle security updates, while Adobe Acrobat 9 had seven. Deploying a software patch is a timely and expensive process, so we want to help IT professionals minimize those costs by reducing the number of out-of-cycle patches for the Adobe Acrobat family of products.

Chart showing the number of Acrobat and Adobe Reader update releases


If you are considering PDF software based on the licensing cost, please be careful. The days of making software choices based on the quoted price alone – without thorough consideration of security – are long gone. You should be asking vendors about operating system mitigations built into their PDF software, processes in place for addressing security threats, and even how involved the vendor is with the broader security community. To get more details about all the ways the Adobe Acrobat family helps organizations do more with PDF, while also providing advanced security, lower costs, and easier software management, download and read the free white paper, PDF Application Security – How to minimize your risk.

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April 3, 2013

It’s Time to Scrap Paper from Your Business

Printers, overnight mail, scanners, and fax machines are killing business productivity. More and more organizations are moving away from paper-based approaches to their critical business processes to reduce costs, improve security, and limit environmental impact.  According to a recent Adobe study, “Paper: An Endangered Species?” the majority of managers surveyed had overwhelmingly negative attitudes toward paper-based processes and cited productivity, security, attracting talent and going green as the benefits of a completely digital workflow. The research is based on interviews with 1,051 U.S. managers in small, medium and large businesses that are responsible for creating or working with contracts.

Below are a few stats from the report, but to view the full report Click Here: Paper: An Endangered Species?

  • 51% of respondents said that a digital workflow makes filing and managing documents easier
  • More than two-thirds believe that paper-based contracts are prone to defacing
  • 76% of respondents said they are impressed by companies that have a strong digital presence
  • 98% of respondents noted they still use paper in their transactions involving contracts

Organizations that use eSignatures are seeing a dramatic decrease in the time needed to close deals, reduced contract negotiation times, faster “quote-to-cash”, and a safer, more secure way to track and store some of their most critical business documents.   And all eSignatures are backed by the federal ESIGN Act, ensuring the legality of the contract, which should put the customer at ease.

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April 2, 2013

Tax season is here. Acrobat is here to help.

Hurray, it’s tax season again! Oh, who are we kidding: ugh, it’s tax season again. If the onset of April has you scrambling for last year’s documents and writing frantic emails to your accountant, you’re not alone. While Acrobat can’t do your taxes for you, we do have a few tips for using Acrobat to help you prepare your taxes and take off some of the stress:

  1. If you made any kind of charitable donation last year or if you had business expenses, or really if you have any deductions for which you need to show documentation, you’ll want to use Acrobat for help with scanning and running OCR on those receipts (learn more…). Not only can you straighten out crookedly-scanned files, you can also use the OCR features in Acrobat to make those documents searchable. Once they’ve been digitized, they’ll be much easier to organize (and much harder to spill coffee on or lose under a pile of junk mail).
  2. Your poor accountant is going to face some hard times in the next two weeks: all of us who wait until the last minute to get our taxes in order will be sending over fax after fax after email after email. Take it easy on the poor guy by collecting all those 2012 documents – like Excel spreadsheets, PDF files of investment summaries from your broker, and the aforementioned (and now nicely scanned) receipts – and combining them all into a single PDF file (learn more…). Whatever format those documents were originally in, your tax man will have no trouble viewing them all in the neat PDF document you email to him.
  3. Now, let’s be clear: no one is actually encouraging you to doctor up your files for nefarious purposes. However, Acrobat can help you edit your documents (learn more…) to make them more accurate: if anyone spelled your name wrong on a receipt or used incorrect information, you can use Acrobat’s editing tools to neaten up the file. If you don’t want to share certain bits of personal or sensitive information, just use the redaction tools to remove any unnecessary information from a document (learn more…).
  4. When you’re finally ready to fill out those forms, don’t bother printing and mailing them (again, fear of coffee spills and loose paper should be warning enough). Here in the United States, the IRS makes most of their forms available as fillable PDF files, which you can complete with Acrobat or even with the free Adobe Reader XI (learn more…). If for some reason you don’t wind up with a fillable PDF form, you can still use the “Add text” tool to fill out the form digitally. Alternatively, just convert the form to Word, Excel and other formats from both Acrobat XI or our online services at (learn more…). Once you’ve got the forms in those editable formats you can just edit and work within the supported applications.

Taxes are always taxing, but don’t let it get you down: just use Acrobat to keep your files in order and under control. Then, once you’re all done, pack it all up and store it securely in for archiving and future reference. We bet you won’t even need the next two full weeks to do it.

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