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June 26, 2013

Standards at Adobe: Alignment of Adobe-Approved Trust List (AATL) and EU Trust List (EUTL)

Within Europe and indeed elsewhere, digital signature technology is a valuable tool for conducting secure transactions via electronic documents. For years now, Adobe has invested in making such technology readily available to all citizens through the free Adobe Reader and Acrobat. This includes working with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) to develop the technical specification for PDF Advanced Electronic Signature (PAdES) – that was incorporated into Adobe Reader and Acrobat in 2009 – and developing the Adobe-Approved Trust List (AATL). The AATL that is also part of the hundreds of millions of instances of Adobe Reader and Acrobat out there today helps ensure qualified certificates issued by Certification Service Providers can validate digital signatures without having to always manually import and manage certificates (although that option is still possible).
Trusted Certificate Settings dialog box in Adobe Acrobat XI
The Standards team at Adobe see the next logical step of this technology to be the integration of the EU Trust List into Adobe Acrobat and Reader software. To help explain this to our customers and followers, and what ETSI’s June 19 announcement of Trusted Lists means, check out this article written by Adobe’s Steve Gottwals, Group Product Manager and John Jolliffe, Senior Manager for European Government Affairs.

As always, if you have any comments or questions, please let us know.

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June 21, 2013

Adobe Reader and Acrobat 11.0.3 update and signature field detection

In the Adobe Reader and Acrobat 11.0.03 patch, we introduced the signature field detection capability which identifies documents that the user may need to sign. Unfortunately, the signature field detection algorithm is finding some false positives and displaying the signature field detected message when it should not. We have been following the discussions on our user forums, and understand the inconvenience it has caused for some users who encountered falsely identified documents. We do apologize.

Users can quickly hide the message bar that appears for a document by clicking the icon on the left of the message bar. IT professionals and others familiar with working with registry settings can follow the instructions provided in the version 11.0.3 release notes to disable this message.
Message bar for signature fields detected
We are diligently working on improvements for the signature field detection accuracy. We are also planning to add the ability for users to turn off the signature detection message more easily. We hope to bring the improvements to you soon. Stay tuned.

9/10/13 UPDATE: The auto-detect signature field feature is disabled by default. Please see 11.0.04 Update Release for more info:

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Adobe Reader and Acrobat Cleaner Tool update now available

Most desktop software applications rely upon a number of components within and beyond the operating system. For this reason installing, updating, and uninstalling these applications should go smoothly, and most do. On rare occasions a user may not be able to complete these tasks due to some registry or file conflict or permissions issue on the machine.

The Adobe Reader and Acrobat Cleaner Tool for Windows is designed to help IT and support professionals fix such issues and enable the successful installation of subsequent new installs or updates. It does so by removing standalone installations of these products (for version 9 and higher), including removing corrupted files, and removing or changing permissions on registry entries, even after a standard uninstall. The tool also provides options for removing problematic Acrobat items only while leaving Adobe Reader untouched, and vice versa, so that workflows are not broken. Additionally, it has both a user interface and command-line mode, both of which are documented.

You can download this tool for free from the Enterprise IT Tools for Adobe Acrobat and Reader page
on Adobe Labs. Please note that although we are releasing these tools free of charge, like other technologies on Adobe Labs, they do not come with an official support program.

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June 19, 2013

Managing Intellectual Property Assets

CPA_Global_INL_CMYK_Standard (2)Filing for patents and/or trademarks requires thousands of pages of form filings, and applications. CPA Global has streamlined the process of managing such documentation by standardizing on Adobe Acrobat.

“Adobe Acrobat provides us with the flexibility to meet all of the format and document security requirements for the (United States Patent and Trademark Office) USPTO,” says Lauren Sindt, information disclosure statement (IDS) and reference management paralegal team leader at CPA Global. “With Acrobat, we can meet stringent specifications on document formatting and encryption with just the click of a button.”

With secure PDF files, CPA Global helps prevent disclosure of unfiled patent information, enables the easy reuse and reorganization of pages in long files, and helps identify errors and omissions in documentation.

Learn more about CPA Global and how Adobe Acrobat works for them by clicking here.

cinven-20121130-0074 (2)

Author: Ali Hanyaloglu

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June 14, 2013

Happy 20th Anniversary Adobe Acrobat and PDF

Logo for 20 Years of Adobe Acrobat and PDF
June 15, 2013 marks a major milestone for Adobe — it was on this date 20 years ago that PDF and the Acrobat family of products first shipped and changed the world of documents forever. From the engineers and the customer service teams, to our partners and the community experts, we give our thanks to everyone that has been a part of this success story. Our gratitude is particularly dedicated to the millions upon millions of Acrobat, Adobe Reader and customers who continue to inspire and motivate us to push the boundaries of how this technology can solve real-world document challenges. Here’s to many more of years of continued innovation and leadership. We are excited for you all to be a part of it. Thank you.

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June 12, 2013

City managers achieve greater consistency and control over documents, especially in emergencies

matsudo_logo (2)After the massive earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in 2011, the Tokyo suburb of Matsudo re-committed itself to ensuring the security and availability of its information. Accordingly, the city is implementing a virtual desktop environment and standardizing on the latest version of Adobe Acrobat. Matsudo officials chose Adobe Acrobat for generating PDF files because of its reliability, security, and compatibility with VMWare View virtualization.

“Whether on old desktops or new thin clients, everyone can use the same rules on Acrobat,” says Tokuichi Tobari, chief director of IT implementation in Matsudo’s Planning and Coordination Department. “By standardizing on Adobe Acrobat as our PDF software, we can make sure that everyone is using the same type and version of software, making it extremely effective to have a consistent security policy within the organization.”

Acrobat is also accelerating the city’s move to a paperless environment, which raises efficiencies while reducing costs. Acrobat is used to reliably deliver documents, including applications and authorization forms, as PDF files on the Internet. Any individual with Adobe Reader can view the documents at any time on personal devices.

Finally, Acrobat reduces total cost of ownership. The city of Matsudo signed an enterprise license agreement for Adobe Acrobat, which reduces the cost of individual licenses and enables efficient software deployment and updates.

Learn more about the city of Matsudo and the benefits it yields from Adobe Acrobat.

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