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September 26, 2011

Acrobat Blog: Wrapping Up Our Facebook FormsCentral Poll Questions

A couple weeks ago we kicked off our FormsCentral polls on the Adobe Acrobat Facebook page. So far we’ve learned why you use forms, what features you look for when choosing a service and how frequently you use a forms service. Our final question is: Which is your favorite new FormsCentral feature? Check out our new features including page skip logic, summary reports and form templates for a quick refresh.

If you missed an earlier poll, visit the Facebook questions page where you’ll find a list of all poll questions and results. Thanks for sharing your answers and stay tuned for a results summary on the blog!

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August 31, 2011

New Facebook Polls on Adobe FormsCentral

Now that you’ve had a couple weeks to check out the new features to Adobe FormsCentral we’d like to know how you are using it. Over the next couple weeks we will be posting poll questions to our Facebook Page. Later, we’ll share the results with you on the blog. Our first question for you is: What do you use forms for the most?

Make sure to check out the Acrobat Facebook page for the latest poll questions and don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to let your voice be heard. You never know… your suggestion could be included in the next FormsCentral update!

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August 24, 2011

The Social Contract: Adobe EchoSign Customers Groupon, Pandora, Facebook highlight how selling is social

By Jason Lemkin, vice president of web business services at Adobe and former CEO of EchoSign

Welcome to our new Adobe eSign Success series, where we are highlighting some of the great work our EchoSign customers do on a daily basis. Helping our customers make it easier to do business online is the cornerstone of the Adobe EchoSign e-signature solution, so we are excited to feature some of our customer success stories.

If you were to ask almost any person on the street to name the most successful social Web businesses of the last few years, the answers would likely center on a handful of companies. Groupon. Facebook. Pandora. All three have grown faster in a matter of years than most businesses grow in decades, and all three have defined the social nature of the Web and, as a result, have built it into their business models. At the Salesforce Dreamforce conference on August 31, all three will discuss how the social contract fuels their success.

Groupon, Facebook and Pandora are among the thousands of businesses using Adobe EchoSign’s e-signature solution to automate contracting processes in the cloud and in person. Today, the social contract is immediate, regardless of whether customers sign from their laptops, mobile devices or on a tablet screen proffered by an in-person sales rep. Adding this social aspect to the age-old process of signing contracts is changing the way sales teams and mobile warriors interact with their customers. Instead of handing over a piece of paper, they are giving customers a tablet or smartphone to sign. For instance, instead of paper contracts, Pandora uses e-signatures to close contracts with its vendors.

The multi-billion dollar social Web companies joining us for a panel at Dreamforce in San Francisco recognized the social, collaborative nature of the Web and capitalized on it quickly. That is apparent in their services, as well as in their business processes. If you want to know how:

  • To get sales reps. off the road and selling more;
  • To turn contracts into collaborative documents;
  • To apply the principles of the social Web to your business processes;
  • To compress and accelerate growth;
  • To automate the entire contract process, from creation to signature, to management and tracking; and
  • To learn what the social enterprise is all about,

Then check out our dream panel later this month at Dreamforce.

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June 23, 2011

Facebook Poll Results and Insights: What are you sending with file transfer services or FTP sites?

This past month, we began polling you, our community, on our Facebook page. From the poll results, we opened with a question about the average size of the files you send with file transfer programs. It sounds as though most of you send files that are smaller than 25 GB, but almost a third of you need to send 100 GB files, and about 7% have 300 GB files to send! That got us wondering: what types of files are you sending with file transfer services or FTP sites? Here are our results:

Facebook poll on the Adobe Acrobat page:

So, it seems that 52% of you are sending graphic files or web design assets, and about a third are sending large PDF files. Other popular files include high resolution photos, application updates, business plans and family memories (personal files to family and friends).

Don’t worry, though; we’ve got a really simple suggestion that we think will make your lives a little easier. If you’re using file transfer services or FTP sites to send graphics or other assets (or if you have any large files to send, really), you’ll want to try Adobe SendNow. Not only can you send up to 100 MB for free, but you can send a broad range of files from CAD files to audio or video files to Microsoft Word documents. For a full list of files check out the Adobe SendNow FAQ.

William Lau, senior product marketing manager, Acrobat Solutions

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June 9, 2011

Facebook Poll Results and Insights

We recently asked our Facebook community, over the course of a week, what’s the average size of files you send with a file transfer program? Naturally, a large portion of poll-responders said they send on average fewer than 25 GB. However, an interesting takeaway is that 29% of our poll-responders said they send 100 GB and 7% send 300 GB. 

Here is a snapshot of the Facebook poll results:

So why does this matter? Those who fall in the 25 GB or more categories know it’s difficult to send large documents and multimedia files. Most free file-sending services only allow for the ability to send up to 50 MB. With Adobe SendNow, you can send big files with ease; our free service offers the ability to send a single file up to 100 MB. Additionally, for a small cost the SendNow Basic and Plus plan will allow you to send up to 2 GB.

William Lau, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Acrobat Solutions

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May 31, 2011

Acrobat Facebook Polls!

In light of the recent Adobe SendNow announcement, we’re wondering how all of you are using it!  Be sure to check out the Acrobat Facebook page here and take our most recent poll – what’s the average size of the files you’re sending using file transfer services?  We take your opinions into account so let your voice be heard!

 As always, 100 GB of file transference is available through Adobe SendNow!  Take a look, and join the conversation on our Facebook page!

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