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November 14, 2008 /News, Views & Updates /

Acrobat 9 provides tech support to Pam in “The Office”

Do you ever watch NBC’s “The Office”? Poor Pam. She spent so much time mastering Adobe Flash and then her instructor wanted her to start learning Acrobat.  Luckily, Acrobat 9 will make Pam’s life (and the lives of a lot of knowledge workers) easier with its improved support for Flash.  More after the break…

So I’m sitting on my couch last night with my popcorn and my bunny slippers watching one of TV’s great shows – NBC’s “The Office”. And there is the following exchange between Jim and Pam:

Pam: “I’m failing my computer class.”

Jim: “I thought you were good at Flash?”

Pam: “I was. But then they switched to Acrobat just as I was learning Quark. I hate computers.”

You can see this clip here. Or, you can watch the entire episode at the NBC web site (the clip is at Minute 8:00).

Now first of all, we need to give NBC a gentle ribbing for possibly blurring the distinctions between three very distinct software applications – Adobe Flash, Adobe Acrobat, and Quark.  To paraphrase what the Twitter crowd was saying after the episode: “Why exactly would a user switch from Quark to Adobe Acrobat and how does that relate to Adobe Flash?”

All kidding aside, there are a lot of users who have audio content, video content and Flash skills and want to utilize all of these resources to create more compelling, more dynamic business content . And Acrobat 9 is an incredible tool to do all of that. With new support in Acrobat 9 and Reader 9 for Adobe Flash, users are able to convert many common video formats (like MOV, AVI, etc) into Flash video (FLV) and then embed that video content onto a PDF page. They’re also able to embed Flash applications (SWF) onto a PDF page. This means that Reader 9 can serve as a universal media player and your recipients will only need the free Adobe Reader to consume your audio or video files.  Read more about the feature set here. And if you haven’t seen it yet, download an incredible sample file illustrating this put together by Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour. Finally, with Acrobat 9’s PDF Portfolios, not only can you bring together many different files and customize the consumption and branding experience using our default Flash-based layouts, but you can also create your own unique Flash layout and customize your PDF Portfolios in any way imaginable.

So you see, Pam? Adobe is working hard to allow you to transition those Flash skills into the Acrobat world. We’re confident that with Acrobat 9, you’ll be able to create rich, interactive business communications which will benefit the fine Dunder Mifflin paper supply company. Now if we could only come up with some features which will help Dwight with his beet farm and Meredith with her love life. Well – software can only do so much.

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  • By Jonathan King - 4:58 PM on November 14, 2008  

    Great Blog!

  • By Orange County Web Design - 1:12 AM on April 2, 2010  

    The Office is my favorite show. I caught that and I wondered if she meant to say “Then they switched to Adobe just when I was learning Macromedia!”. I suppose that’s why she was failing the class!