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One of our favorite things about storing documents in is how easy they are to access from any device. Whether you’re at your desk, using your tablet in a waiting room somewhere, or trying to teach your mother how to use her computer, you can find your files waiting for you in the cloud. Now, we’re extending that access for you: if you want others to be able to access certain files you’ve uploaded to (from wherever they are), you can use the new sharing feature we’ve added. Just select the file or files that you want to publicize and click the “Share” button in the toolbar.

Click the Share button

Once you’ve done that, you can share that document’s publicly-accessible link with anyone you’d like to show the file to. Email it directly from the Share dialog box, post it to Facebook, or put it on your website; that link can get around however you choose to share it. If you want to unshare the file, simply toggle the switch from “Public” to “Unshare File”; it will then be marked as private so only you can view it.

 Sounds good, right? Just log in or create a free account to get started.

Toggle Public or Private


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