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Acrobat Wizard at Work: John Pawlicki, OP Management

In February, I proudly released a 300-page aerospace industry article, “Report on the Key Websites & Marketplaces for the Aviation/Aerospace Market,” that includes industry information about market trends and emerging solutions, interactive documents, rich media content and technical design schematics to facilitate the trading and repair of aircraft parts.

At 260 pages produced over the course of almost a year, it was a daunting task, but in a macabre way, I wonder what it would’ve been like without using Acrobat to put this together.

You see, OP Management is currently a one-man shop (i.e. me). In the past I’d work on a proposal with my collaborators who had different applications and were looking at different versions of documents. To add another layer, not only were our applications disparate, but these folks were also located in other parts of the country and the world!

Needless to say, the workflow wasn’t ideal. I needed a complete document solution to support end-to-end, in-house publishing and gave me control over documents distributed to my partners.

Fortunately, I’ve seen firsthand the end-to-end possibilities of a report like this using Acrobat. My team and I were able to develop, publish and distribute this report—from start to finish—efficiently and securely. The content is so rich now thanks to capabilities we learned about in Acrobat’s PDF Portfolios to deliver interactive graphs and videos. In fact we plan to use Acrobat and its PDF Portfolios capabilities to deliver presentations at upcoming industry events to market our products, services, and of course, our report.

I’m now actively sharing these possibilities to our historically resistant clients. They have older ways of working and may feel threatened by change, but one of the advantages of using Acrobat is that it’s cross-platform, not to mention the other benefits like added security and working with rich media within the digital documents.

My hope is that our clients will see the ubiquity and rich content possibilities in Acrobat as I do. It’s something I hope will separate my company from everything else going on in the field.

John Pawlicki is Principal and CEO at OP Management. Check out the report John references, “Report on the Key Websites & Marketplaces for the Aviation/Aerospace Market,” here

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