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December 16, 2011 /Customer Showcase /

Acrobat Wizard at Work: Marty Hardin, Palio

At Palio, we have a deep understanding of how the pharmaceutical industry has rapidly changed over the years and how the need to explain complex ideas has evolved from both regulatory and business standpoints. In order to meet the increasing demand for regulatory bodies, medical professionals, and consumers, we’ve leveraged technology to its fullest to bring new products to the marketplace.

Using Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Creative Suite, we’ve developed vast amounts of interactive content—rich with video, high-definition images, and deep product information—to make our message clearer and more readily available across a variety of devices. The simple integration between Adobe products has enabled us to create e-brochures, marketing materials, and other product content, as well as repurpose other projects. Using interactive electronic documents, has enabled us to convey more information to medical professionals and patients in a much more understandable way—making both doctors and consumers more comfortable with and confident in the therapeutic products offered. For example, if there is an update to product information, we can quickly change the materials without generating twice as much printed literature for the product—something our customers and the environment can appreciate.

We recognize how impactful dynamic PDF documents are when we present a new product to medical professionals and their clients, helping them understand the true value of the product. By incorporating video content into a set of product instructions, we can show—beyond just the written word—the proper ways products should be administered. Additionally, 256-bit encryption technology helps to ensure that documents are more secure and that the message being received is as close as what we’re trying to communicate as possible.

—Marty Hardin, SVP, Director of Emerging Media and Technology, Palio

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  • By Brian S Friedlander - 7:26 PM on December 18, 2011   Reply

    I have been using this technique for years and two years ago my colleague and I created an eBook complete with over a dozen videos that we marketed to assistive technology specialists. I would be glad to share how I am using Adobe Acrobat Pro in the area of assistive technology if you are looking for a case study.


    Brian S Friedlander

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