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March 11, 2011 /How-To's /

Acrobat X Accessibility — Beyond the Obvious

You know your PDF files need to be accessible to make sure all your readers can view your content and comply with various requirements. But what if you want to make an existing file accessible and don’t have the original document?

Acrobat has included accessibility features for many years. In Acrobat  X, you can add tags, and review the status of a document using either brief or extensive checking tools. Donna Baker, a prolific author and writer of many books and tutorials on Acrobat, has posted an article, “Acrobat X Accessibility — Beyond the Obvious,” that will take you on a tour of some common accessibility features. She additionally goes beyond the basics to look at accessibility requirements for common page elements you might not consider—accessible comments, form fields and more. Read the article on here.

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