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Adobe EchoSign: Now Available in a Box

There’s no question that eSignatures are changing how we do business today. That’s why we want to make our EchoSign eSignature service as ubiquitous, as, well, Adobe Reader. We expect it will make electronic signatures the common way for people to sign documents whether from their desktops or their mobile devices. So that’s why we are becoming a premier partner with Box for its OneCloud mobile enterprise platform, which aims to unify business information across devices, applications and operating systems. EchoSign provides the all-important secure eSignature component of a complete business workflow.

What sets our EchoSign signature service apart is that there’s nothing to download and install, and with just one click, the entire signature process from the request for signature to the distribution and execution of the form or agreement is done. You can access the service from Reader on your desktop or through Reader on an iOS or Android device.  What could be simpler?

When we announced the acquisition of EchoSign in July 2011, we said it was just the first step to bringing more and more powerful and productive document services to customers. Box OneCloud is another.  There’s more to come, so stay tuned.

Mark Grilli, sr. director of product marketing, Acrobat Solutions at Adobe

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