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December 20, 2011 /Reader /

Adobe Reader for Android Update

Today, we’re excited to announce an update of  Adobe Reader for Android. This update fixes some issues we discovered with Android 4, and adds a  few enhancements based upon the  great feedback we received from our users.

Here are the highlights:

·         Reflow
As promised, Reflow is back! This is a great feature for reading PDFs on your phone, since it strips the formatting and turns the document into resizable, reflowed text that you can easily scroll through. You can turn this mode on in the View Modes menu, shown here:

·         Remember Last Read Position
One of the frequent comments we’ve seen is that people really want to be able to switch between documents and applications, and be able to return to the exact spot they were reading. Now Adobe Reader remembers your last position in the document for all recently-read documents, so you don’t need to!

·         Opening PDF Portfolio Contents and Attachments
For PDF Portfolios,  Adobe Reader has always allowed opening contents if they were in PDF format. Now it will open any content type that you can view on your phone or tablet.  And since attachments are pretty similar to Portfolios, we’ve also extended this to work for attachments. When you open a document with attachments, Adobe Reader will show a paperclip in the lower right corner of your document, like this:

Just tap the paperclip, and you’ll see a list of the attachments.

·         Bug Fixes
We fixed issues that had been present since the Android Ice Cream Sandwich. 

We’re constantly working to improve Adobe Reader for Phones and Tablets, and we have some great enhancements already underway for 2012 that I’m sure you’ll be excited to see.  We appreciate your ongoing feedback and support!

Dennis Griffin, Principal Product Manager



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  • By Owen Whitehouse - 9:23 AM on December 28, 2011   Reply

    Great to see there is still some development going on for Acrobat on Android! I had nearly given up. Is there any chance we’ll see Commenting as a feature in a future release of Acrobat for Android? This would open up a vast potential for use on the tablets out there! Thanks!

    • By Adobe - 11:15 AM on January 3, 2012   Reply

      Thanks for your question, we appreciate your interest in Reader for Android. While we don’t have anything to announce just yet, we’re working on our future development plans and taking everything into consideration. We appreciate your ongoing feedback and support.

  • By Kristie - 2:50 PM on January 16, 2012   Reply

    I second Owen’s comment. It would be great to be able to use the collaboration features of Adobe on mobile devices including the Comment feature. It would be amazing!

  • By Sterling Ward - 9:52 AM on January 19, 2012   Reply

    I have used Adobe Reader constantly while performing my tasks, but every time I allow my computer to update Adobe Reader with this new update, it crashes the system. Of course, I keep regular updates so I am able to revert back to the version before the update, but I am unable to utilize Adobe. Is it possible to tell Adobe not to update, or to just work with the current version without the updates until some needed changes are made? I need you assistance as soon as possible.

    Thank you,


    • By Adobe - 11:22 AM on January 20, 2012   Reply

      Although we don’t recommend it, it is possible to disable automatic updates by opening up the Edit > Preferences and selecting ‘Updater’ then changing the default setting to “Do not download or install updates automatically. Thanks!

  • By Michael Davis - 2:40 PM on January 25, 2012   Reply

    I have a PDF that displays correctly in the PC-based Reader but does not display some content in the Android Mobile Reader. Ironically this PDF actually displays correctly in the knock-off Reader from Think Free Office.

    How can I go about getting a sample of this file to someone who can use it to address this apparent bug or limitation in the Android Mobile Reader?

  • By Nak - 9:48 AM on January 29, 2012   Reply

    Is there any way to add my own bookmarks to my pdf files? If I could add and name bookmarks, and of course navigate directly to those bookmarks, this app would be perfect. I’d be more than happy to pay for this app if it had that feature. As it is, trying to go back and forth between a few pages out of hundreds is cumbersome at best.

    • By Adobe - 8:29 AM on January 31, 2012   Reply

      Thanks for asking – you can find a helpful guide to creating PDF bookmarks here:

      • By Nak - 10:55 AM on January 31, 2012   Reply

        I think you misunderstand. I’m not the author of the PDF files, I’m just a reader. I would like to be able to bookmark pages so that I can easily navigate back and forth between pages. Other apps, like EZpdfreader and the Ipad reader, do this. However, Adobe is faster and more polished. But without the ability to bookmark pages, so that I can move between the several pages I need, Adobe Reader is limited to the point of being useless.

        • By Jim carey - 6:07 AM on July 13, 2013   Reply

          Totally suport this – i am using pdfs for a songbook and bookmark the songs we will do today. As adobe doesnt let me do that i use Ezpdfreader – would be a great enhancement to be able to do this on my tablet (not on the pc)

  • By Jyoti Dutta - 6:48 AM on February 11, 2012   Reply

    I installed Adobe Reader X on my Samsung Galaxy Tab P7500. The embedded links in pdf files are working though they are working on my laptop.

    Pls suggest solution.

    • By Adobe - 1:43 PM on February 15, 2012   Reply

      This feature of the desktop version of Adobe Reader hasn’t been implemented in our mobile/tablet versions at this time. We’re working on an update for Reader for Android right now and we’ll be sure to pass along this feature request.

  • By Luis Vega - 7:21 AM on February 21, 2012   Reply

    Hello, I had installed the Adobe Reader last november but I couldn´t find the update, so I decided to uninstall it and reinstall it again. Unfortunately, the “remember last read position” feature is not working. How can I fix this? Thank you very much.

    • By Adobe - 12:27 PM on February 21, 2012   Reply

      Thanks for reaching out. Do you mind specifying which platform you’re using Acrobat on? From there, we can provide a few more details.

  • By Michael Junge - 8:17 AM on February 21, 2012   Reply

    I have an Android phone, specificaly, the HTC Evo 4G, which I use extensively.
    I also use Adobe to download files, however, I have found that files get outdated, and/or lose usefulness.
    How do I delete these files?
    Once I have pulled up Adobe, I use the menu button but only get two options:
    1) Clear recent files and
    2) About Adobe reader.
    There is nothing that will me to do ANY file mangement.
    Can anyone help woth this?
    Thanking you in advance,
    Mike Junge

    • By Adobe - 12:27 PM on February 21, 2012   Reply

      Hi Mike. You may wish to check the file management of your Android outside of the Adobe app. From there, all downloaded files can be accessed or deleted.

    • By Howard L McMillen - 1:01 AM on April 3, 2012   Reply

      Use the android file manager to find the files then delete them

  • By Jeremi Wooten - 6:45 PM on March 22, 2012   Reply

    I have an android tablet and I often need to access password protected PDF’s. Will this be a feature I can access soon? I am not able to access the text fields and unlock them.

    • By Adobe - 1:59 PM on March 23, 2012   Reply

      Thanks for reaching out. We’ll forward on to our product team, and in the meantime please see this page if you have any other suggestions or thoughts for future versions of Adobe Reader:

  • By George Edwards - 7:03 AM on March 24, 2012   Reply

    I have a Motorola Droid Razr. I stored a .pdf file on my memory card, but the Adobe Reader app doesn’t find it. What folder do I need to put it in so the reader sees it?

  • By Katherine Emerald - 6:52 AM on March 31, 2012   Reply

    Hello! Firstly, I love this application, it really is amazing!
    I have a Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 cell and I had the adobe reader app installed and working. I had to format and now I can’t find it anywhere in the Android Market. How can I find it?
    Thanks :)

  • By okkadu - 7:46 AM on April 3, 2012   Reply

    I have a scenario where I need to decrypt the data and stream the data to Adobe pdf viewer to view the pdf. But Adobe pdf viewer is expecting a file uri to be sent in the intentData. I have a restriction of not storing the data on the device in unencrypted format.
    Any possible solution/alternative to achieve this?

  • By Chelsea - 5:11 PM on April 10, 2012   Reply

    I am transitioning from my desktop to my Android tablet for working with documents. However, the mobile version of Adobe reader does not respond to the arrow keys from a Bluetooth or a physical keyboard like the desktop version does. Will this be a feature that will be added soon?

    • By Adobe - 11:44 AM on April 11, 2012   Reply

      Unfortunately, we can’t comment on upcoming features, but we’ll pass your suggestion on to the product development team. Thanks!

  • By William Nyikuli - 10:20 AM on June 1, 2012   Reply

    I have the Adobe App for IceCream Sandwich on my Asus Prime Tablet.

    It does NOT remember the last page read. This is whether the tablet goes to sleep, or I go into a different app. It will always go back to the beginning of the document when I go back into Adobe.

    is it a bag on my specific machine?

    • By Adobe - 12:42 PM on June 1, 2012   Reply

      Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. This feature works on every Android device we’ve been able to test. I’d recommend uninstalling the Adobe Reader app, then reinstalling the latest Adobe Reader for Android, version 10.2.1.

      • By William Nyikuli - 4:50 AM on June 5, 2012   Reply

        Thanks for monitoring for troubleshooting. I re-installed the problem persists. It is still not remembering the page. This is whether the device ‘sleeps’ or whether I switch to another program and return.

        Is ‘remember last page’ the default setting? Can I manually set any setting on the app so that it will remember the last page in that document? It is still resetting all the time.

        Thing is this feature works perfectly with the other PDF apps. They remember automatically. However, the annotation features on Adobe PDF are far superior to anything else, so I’m desperate to get this to work.

        I have: Asus Transformer Prime Tablet, Android 4.0. The version of Adobe I’m using is the latest update that’s available for Android in the Google App store.

  • By avinash - 11:51 AM on August 18, 2012   Reply

    Is there a limit on the size of the pdf files one can read on a tablet with an Android 4 OS? I mean, if I have a pdf book that is 150 Mb large, would I be able to read it on the device (which, incidentally, has 512 Mb ram)?

    • By ___________________________________________ - 12:10 PM on August 21, 2012   Reply

      Hi Avinash, thanks for asking. As long as your device has the required memory, you should be able to view your PDF using Adobe Reader with no issues.

  • By Ashish - 10:39 PM on September 1, 2012   Reply

    The most important feature which is needed in this software is “NIGHT MODE”. All the other paid pdf opener like ezPDF etc. This will make the background as black, with text as white/dimmed white, This strains eyes less when reading in dark nights on bed

    • By ___________________________________________ - 5:17 PM on September 4, 2012   Reply

      Hi Ashish. Nice idea, please submit this to our Wishlist here:

  • By David Smythe - 12:59 PM on September 11, 2012   Reply

    I have created an Acrobat Form for use on my Android Tablet…
    1 ot the fields is for the date… when i run it on the tablet it shows up as a nice +/- scrollable box…..
    Is there any way of making a Time Field do the same thing +/- HH:MM
    Android Reader Ver 10.3.1
    Acrobat 9.5.2
    Dave S

    • By ___________________________________________ - 2:49 PM on September 14, 2012   Reply

      A Time Field picker that’s similar to the Date Field picker for Acrobat is a great idea, that would have some definite advantages for folks who create PDF forms with mobile browsers in mind. Could you share this feature request with our development team by filling out the Feature Request form:

  • By sim - 2:58 PM on December 1, 2012   Reply

    night mode is definitely the most needed feature update!!!!!!

    everything else i am completely happy with!

    • By Acrobat - 3:43 PM on December 7, 2012   Reply

      Hi Sim, you can share this feature request directly with the product team by emailing them here:

  • By Jose Canos - 6:40 AM on December 20, 2012   Reply

    I faound a problem using Adobe Reader on my ASUS Transformer Prime. When I insert annotations on pdf docs, the annotations are not saved. If I restart the tablet and re-open the file, annotations are missing. This is quite an issue.

    I’ve asked friend that use other tablets and everything seems to run fine.

    Is there any chance to perform some manual config of the reader?


    JH Canos

  • By n whitney - 8:31 PM on January 5, 2013   Reply

    I have Adobe Digital Editions on my laptop and now would like to install it on my Asus Transformer tablet. Is there a tablet version available that will allow me to download books from the library and load them on a Kobo ereader?

    • By Acrobat - 5:16 PM on January 7, 2013   Reply

      Hi Whitney. It is definitely possible to use Adobe Digital Editions on your laptop to authorize a tablet to view eBooks. Please refer to your library’s recommendations on checking out eBooks for specific information or you may also want to reference View e-books | iOS, Android devices –

  • By n whitney - 8:03 AM on January 8, 2013   Reply

    Thanks for the information regarding using Adobe Digital Editions on my Asus Transformer tablet. I went to the link you sent me: but received a message that said “Sorry this page is not available”. Any other suggestions.

    • By Acrobat - 4:28 PM on January 8, 2013   Reply

      Hi Whitney, can you try that link again.

  • By n whitney - 4:39 PM on January 13, 2013   Reply

    Thanks, the link works if I click on it in your response but not if I copy and paste it in a new window for some reason. I followed the links to the blog and the list of digital editions supported devices and the Asus TF300 is not included in the list. Does that mean I am not able to download books from the library and transfer them to my Kobo using my Asus tablet?

  • By Krunal Joshi - 12:35 AM on January 17, 2013   Reply

    If I am not wrong, the Adobe Reader 10.4.2 for Android 4 Ice cream Sandwich (on Mobile Phone), does not have the capability of selecting the text and copying it on clipboard for pasting it further in a doc file of txt file. If at all this feature can be added…

    • By Acrobat - 9:03 PM on January 17, 2013   Reply

      Hi Krunal. You should be successfully select, copy, and paste text with no problems at all. Please let us know if the below steps work for you.

      The steps to do this are:
      1- Long press above the text
      2- Reader selects the text under the tap once the long press time passes
      3- Adjust the range as desired by dragging the handles
      4- Tap “Copy” in the context menu that Reader displays whenever there is a text selection
      5- Switch to the other app and paste

      • By Kiran Kumar - 11:23 AM on June 24, 2013   Reply

        @acrobat: about Kunhal joshi’s replied comment, in step 3 adjusting the range of selecting a single word is not working as expected.The range gets selected till end of the line or till any of the punctuation mark. tried to adjust for single word but it couldn’t.

  • By Scarlette - 2:19 PM on March 12, 2013   Reply

    It is a pain to not be able to access password protected ebooks for my college classes on any of my mobile devices. Is this something that will be addressed in the future? Why is this not already addressed?

    • By joiemikitson - 9:45 AM on March 13, 2013   Reply

      Hi Scarlette, Do you have Adobe Reader for Mobile installed on your devices?

  • By fred farrell - 7:47 PM on August 6, 2013   Reply

    Love the reader. Much better than Polaris with large files.

    Any possibility to add a placemarker so I can record where I read to. Much like a bookmark in a real book. So personalised bookmarks alongside whatever the author embedded. Like favouriting positions. It was mentioned above.

    • By joiemikitson - 11:11 AM on August 7, 2013   Reply

      Hi Fred. You can create bookmarks in Acrobat, but not Reader. However, for Reader, you can create Sticky Notes. Please visit this link and go to the bottom to learn how:

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