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December 20, 2008 /News, Views & Updates /

An Acrobat Blog about Acrobat Blogs…

Remember the “good” old days when you used to get your news from dead trees? The news print rubbing off on your fingers. The little pile of rubber bands which you’d collect over the weeks. Thank goodness for the “interweb” thingy. Now I can fire up my RSS reader (I’m a big fan of Newsgator since I can log in from any browser and see a consistent record of which articles I have and haven’t read) and the news comes pouring in. But that begs the question “Where is the best Acrobat news hiding?” (Besides, of course, your trusty Shredding The Document home for all things Acrobat.) More after the break…

I thought it would be fun to start to accumulate a list of Acrobat and PDF focused blogs which are doing good works. I’ve focused currently on non-Adobe blogs, although there a bunch created by my Acrobat colleagues (like Rick, Joel, Ali, Lori, Stephen and all the folks at AcrobatUsers.Com) which are definitely worth following.

Anyways, here’s a few to get you started:

  • AcroFacts by Donna Baker. Authoress of “Acrobat How-Tos”, “Acrobat in the Office” and numerous other Acro-centric publications.
  • 4xPDF by Rowan and Karl. Rowan and Karl have been doing PDF and document solutions for some time and there’s some good content here. One recent post of note is their well-thought out piece on Adobe Reader.
  • Planet PDF and PDFZone – OK, not blogs per se. But still good sources of info about PDF related products, services and news.

Which are your favorites? Where do you go for news and information about Acrobat and PDF?

Please leave us a comment and share your favorite links.


Dave Stromfeld, Acrobat Product Manager

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  • By donna baker - 9:45 AM on December 22, 2008   Reply

    Hi David –
    Thanks for the mention…and stay tuned for significant expansion and new types of content in 2009.

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