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Are You a Closet Code Warrior?

Is your moment of Zen being one of the first to test drive new code or a future product? If so, now’s your chance to reach that higher plane.

At Adobe, we’re always interested in your feedback about future products. Your feedback has helped us build applications that are used by millions of people around the globe in their every day work to create compelling content across media and devices, anytime, anywhere.

Acrobat is no different.  If you’re interested in testing future versions of Acrobat or Reader, sign up for consideration. We’re always on the lookout for early feedback on new features for future versions or help finding possible bugs.

And you don’t have to be a code warrior. Adobe prerelease participants represent the full spectrum of our customers and user base, from accountants to Zen masters.

Check it out now. Help influence the future features and functionality of Acrobat and Reader.

Dave Stromfeld, Senior Product Manager, Acrobat

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  • By Voiture occasion - 1:30 AM on August 28, 2010   Reply

    I love your products, I love your company and I love the way your products help us to make a better world. BUT, I think that it costs a lot of money for a company to maintain your product up to date. I worked in a small graphic agency few weeks ago, with the Adobe Photoshop CS1 software. And you can’t make the same things as in CS3 ou CS4, CS5 …

    Damien P., CEO of

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