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August 8, 2012

Customer Spotlight: Tapping Adobe Acrobat to Enhance Product Documents

Piscine Castiglione, the commercial arm of A&T Europe, recently adopted Adobe Acrobat X Pro to develop high-impact documentation and digital brochures for its Myrtha pool product line. The compelling product catalog—called “Encyclopedia”—in PDF contains more than 200 pages, 400 videos, 13 chapters, and photo presentations that can be viewed across devices. With built-in support for multiple file formats, Adobe Acrobat X Pro makes it easy for Piscine to add new content as soon as it’s available, whether it is text, images, or videos.

General Director Roberto Colletto of Piscine Castiglione says navigating through the detailed product information is quick and easy, “Moving from one section of the document to another is very similar to web navigation. The functionality of Adobe Acrobat X helped us develop a brochure that makes it easy for sales staff to communicate with customers efficiently, with accuracy, and leverage high-quality images and videos for more dramatic impact.” The company has even seen routine requests for additional information from customers drop because the interactive catalog covers so many topics in great detail.

For Piscine Castiglione, the Adobe solution has enhanced the impact of presentations by sales agents to customers and resellers. Now, agents can bring laptops or tablets along to sales calls and show customers polished, multimedia presentations on demand. With the help of Adobe Acrobat X Pro to create and deliver powerful product information, Piscine is further strengthening its image as an industry leader and innovator. Says Colletto, “Using Adobe Acrobat X…nicely mirrors our commitment to innovation.” To learn more about Piscine Castiglione and its use of Adobe Acrobat X, click here.

Ali Hanyaloglu, senior marketing manager, Acrobat Solutions


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July 23, 2012

Customer Spotlight: New Hepatitis B resource empowers users to manage their own healthcare

The need to give people everywhere timely, accurate information about Hepatitis B is greater than ever, as the disease already affects nearly 400 million people worldwide. Unfortunately, even with the broad reach of hepatitis B, many patients and caregivers still lack resources and a complete understanding of the disease. On July 28, 2012 people around the world will come together to mark World Hepatitis Day and raise awareness of viral hepatitis. World Hepatitis Day provides an opportunity to recognize viral hepatitis as a major global health problem in order to advance prevention and control.

“There is a large information gap for chronic hepatitis B patients between their initial diagnoses and the long-term management of their disease,” says Grainne Maguire, associate director at healthcare agency TogoRun. As part of an initiative called PATH B (Patients and Professionals Acting Together on Hepatitis B), TogoRun teamed up with creative agency DiViDi Projects and used Adobe Acrobat and other Adobe solutions to create an interactive and informative tool that reaches patients worldwide.

PATH B—My journey with chronic hepatitis B is a dynamic information resource in Adobe PDF containing hundreds of pages of critical health and service information to improve the lives of people with hepatitis B and their caregivers. Graphics and interactive components were created with Adobe Creative Suite software to enable readers to better understand essential information, including test results, treatment, and disease management, while collaboration and editing of all the rich content was streamlined using Acrobat and Adobe SendNow.

“Adherence to medical advice is usually much higher when a patient can understand and process the information,” explains Maguire. PATH BMy journey with chronic hepatitis B offers a unique, comprehensive way to present information and simplify understanding, empowering patients to take greater control over their health and work more closely with doctors to treat the disease.

The impactful informational resource in Adobe PDF can be viewed anywhere using free Adobe Reader, and it has been endorsed by patient advocacy groups and medical organizations alike. “Adobe Acrobat created an interactive experience that everyone could embrace, and provided an essential resource for millions of people worldwide,” says Maguire. For more information, go to

Ali Hanyaloglu, senior marketing manager, Acrobat Solutions

On 28 July 2012 people around the world will come together to mark World Hepatitis Day and raise awareness of viral hepatitis. World Hepatitis Day provides an opportunity to recognize viral hepatitis as a major global health problem in order to advance prevention and control.

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June 27, 2012

Customer Spotlight: Turning to Acrobat to Tackle Productivity in the Midst of Tight Budget Constraints

The Dutch city of Almere is a growing example of modern urban living at its best. As the newest city in the Netherlands, it strives to deliver enhanced levels of online services and comprehensive programs to its citizens—while facing tight budget constraints.

Almere has tapped Adobe Acrobat Pro to streamline a wide range of essential , intensive document driven activities, ranging from collaborating on city council meeting documents to streamlining completion of service forms to simplifying management of its vast archives. The results include dramatically reduced document storage requirements and productivity boosts across diverse city workers.

“Keeping pace with the city’s rapid growth requires technology that enables us to operate more efficiently and more cost effectively,” says Ludwig van Dijk, ICT manager at the city of Almere. “We rely on Adobe Acrobat Pro to help us streamline our internal and external collaboration, back-end processes, and online services to improve how we operate and enhance the quality of services we deliver.”

For example, Almere’s social workers have doubled their productivity by using PDF forms on tablets to capture evaluation details and obtain client signatures—all while meeting with clients in the comfort and convenience of their homes. Equally impressive, the city has used Adobe Acrobat to improve preparations for weekly council meetings, accelerating the process of assembling and delivering information bundles for council meetings by days.

The inventive city even standardized on PDF/A for document archiving, providing more reliable long-term access to critical city records while reducing storage requirements 20% and saving an estimated €140,000 annually.

“Our challenge is to infuse digital PDF workflows into all our programs, processes, and public services,” explains van Dijk. “Adobe Acrobat Pro delivers superb levels of security, reliability, and speed that help us make this city an even better place.”

To read more about how Almere is using Adobe Acrobat Pro, check out the full story here:

Ali Hanyaloglu, senior marketing manager, Acrobat Solutions

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June 7, 2012

New Study Says Adobe Acrobat X Has Positive Economic Impact on IT

A recent commissioned study of current Adobe Acrobat customers conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Adobe identified a series of IT and end user productivity costs savings by standardizing on Acrobat X. For the study, “Total Economic Impact™ Study of Adobe Acrobat X,” Forrester interviewed seven current Adobe Acrobat X customers, from an engineering consultancy and an accounting firm, to an insurance and financial services company and a large manufacturing enterprise.

Based on the interviews, Forrester identified four areas where Acrobat X is helping to save money and improve productivity in IT. These include reimaging systems cost savings, end user productivity gains from more efficient patch deployments, IT cost savings in managing patch rollouts, and cost savings from converting PDF to Microsoft Word or Excel.


Using the data collected from the interviews, Forrester created a financial analysis for a composite organization of 1,000 Adobe Acrobat X users. Over three years, the IT staff time that the composite organization devoted to patch testing and release declined from seven months (pre-Acrobat X) to three weeks (with Acrobat X).  End-users also spent significantly less time rebooting their systems due to reduced patch frequency.  Additionally, IT saved three hours per machine on hardware reimaging by automating the deployment of Acrobat X using Microsoft SCCM.

Bottom line? The three-year, risk-adjusted ROI for Forrester’s composite company is 112 percent, with a breakeven point (payback period) after deployment of 11.8 months.

The Forrester study helps confirm some things we already know about how Acrobat X can benefit an IT organization:

  • Enhance existing systems and processes to increase organizational productivity
  • Help safeguard systems and data
  • Easy deployment and management across the entire enterprise
  • Quick data collection using fillable PDF forms
  • Streamline PDF tasks
  • Expedite document reviews and approvals

You can read the complete Forrester study in the latest edition of the Acrobat IT Newsletter on our IT Resource Center, where you’ll also find technical tips and tricks, whiter papers, expert guidance and more information that will help you deploy and manage Acrobat X efficiently and effectively.

Ali Hanyaloglu, senior marketing manager, Acrobat Solutions

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March 4, 2011

Customer Spotlight: Marcom firm brings new clarity, efficiency to processes using Adobe Acrobat

Leading French direct marketing agency Adelanto is setting new standards for collaboration and
efficiency by delivering dynamic PDF files complete with high-definition images, video, and
Flash elements—to captivate audiences. With Adobe Acrobat and PDF technology, the firm is
completing projects faster, collaborating effortlessly with clients, and creating engaging, highimpact

In a recent conversation with Lauren Azières from Adelanto, he reflected on industry changes,
exploring questions ranging from “How should we publish documents?” to “How do we keep a
competitive advantage in today’s changing market?” The company has come full circle with its
business and Acrobat has been there to help the company along the way.

Since the beginning, Acrobat has been at the center of the company’s workflow—providing
Adelanto a solid collaboration platform for its creative professionals and clients alike. By using
Acrobat, the company can more securely share creative documents, get feedback, and track
progress during project lifecycles. With Adobe advances in PDF, Adelanto has continued to
expand its service offerings by integrating media-rich content to enable its clients to deliver
unique experiences to their customers. and ConnectNow are also brining new dimensions to the company’s client
interactions by making projects in-progress more visible to stakeholders and making web
conferencing technology much more available on a single platform. With the integrated Adobe
solutions, Adelanto is bringing greater value to every client interaction and creating richer
experiences for their customers.

See here to learn more.

Ali Hanyaloglu, Product Evangelist, Acrobat Solutions

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