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July 30, 2013 /How-To's /

Become a Stamp Collector with Acrobat’s Stamp Tool

We all have our pet tools in Acrobat – you know, that one thing that you always open up Acrobat to use. Sure, I love all the shiny new tools that come out in each new version of Acrobat; in fact, the new editing capabilities are at the top of my list for go-to tools. That said, I want to take a minute to play favorites with an Acrobat feature that doesn’t always get the props it deserves: I’m talking about stamps. Stamps, you say? Yes. Stamps. Let me tell you why this hard-working commenting tool doesn’t get nearly as much attention as it probably should.

Let’s just start with the basic fact that Acrobat comes stocked with 22 stamps right out of the box. You can find them (and your other stamp commands) in the “Comment” pane, in the “Annotations” panel. Right there, nestled into the upper right corner, is a mini menu with all your stamps ready to be placed on a document.

Stock Stamps in Acrobat XI

Above: Stock signature stamps in Acrobat XI

Isn’t that awesome?! Look at all those messages you can place on your PDF files! Pretty soon, you’ll start slapping these annotations on your documents like you were born to do it. Need to approve a document? BAM. Approved. Need to call out places to sign or initial a contract? BAM. Pointers applied. Whatever the business at hand calls for, there’s likely a stamp for that.

“Well, Rebecca,” you might say, “I’ve got a really stringent approval protocol. I can’t just approve a document, I need a time stamp and my name and the date and all that! Oh, shucks, I guess stamps just aren’t for me.” You know what I say to that? Relax. We’ve got you covered. With Acrobat’s dynamic stamps, you can apply a stamp to the document that does, in fact, include all of that information: your name, the date, and the time you applied the stamp to the document. That way, your coworkers or your manager or your client knows the last state in which you viewed the document, and when you revised, received, or approved the content. Whenever that happened to be, that’s what the stamp will say.

Dynamic stamps

See? Dynamic!

Dynamic stamp applied to document

“Okay, that’s great… but what if there’s this one reeeeally specific thing I have to stamp onto my document? Or if I want a stamp that’s branded with my business’s logo or color scheme?” Oh, sure, now that you know about stamps, you’ve got to have your own SPECIAL stamp. We get it. That’s why we included a “Custom” option that lets you create a stamp from any beautiful and unique work of art that you’ve got saved as an image file (such as a JPEG or PNG).

Create new custom stamp

Pick an image, any image.


Manage your custom stamps

If you want something complex, or something that uses your color scheme, or something that just looks better to you than what we’ve got loaded up in Acrobat already, go ahead and create a new stamp from whatever you’ve got lying around on your hard drive (or whatever you can concoct in Photoshop). We promise not to feel too hurt that *sniff* our stamps *sniff* just weren’t good enough *sniff*.

Now run along and find the stamps that match up with your review and approval workflows; if you’ve got ideas for other stamps you’d like to see in Acrobat, let us know in the comments! Until then, just use the custom stamp tool and go wild. We’re pretty sure you’ll start thinking of the stamp tool as one of your favorites, too.

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  • By Sylvia Cantu - 10:28 AM on August 28, 2013   Reply

    A red FILE would be nice .. . but I’ll probably just go make my own. Thanks for the tip! Stamps! Who knew??

  • By Rubens - 2:58 PM on August 28, 2013   Reply

    That;s great! I always needed it and didn’t realize it has been there all this time. Thanks.

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