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Becoming an Acrobat Wizard – What’s Behind the Curtain?

The Nike Swoosh. The Golden Arches. The italicized Microsoft brand. The Adobe PDF Trefoil.

You don’t mess with an iconic logo – certainly not one that’s been associated with highly successful software that debuted 17 years ago and is ubiquitous on computers worldwide.

But lo and behold, with today’s shipping announcement of Acrobat X, Adobe has launched a campaign creative expression that playfully leverages the iconic PDF Trefoil. And Wizard hats. Specifically, the Wizard hat, adorned by ‘Acrobat Wizards’ in ads now appearing on the Web:

So what is the story behind these ‘Acrobat Wizards?’ Recent versions of Acrobat were about increasing your productivity, but as the business world became more dynamic and social, ‘increased productivity’ meant doing more of the same, only faster. Acrobat X is about doing business in whole new ways. It’s an evolution that enables users to become ‘Wizards’ or heroes at their jobs. Acrobat X evolves Acrobat and PDF off the desktop and sets users up for success, transformation and accomplishment. For example, in one ad a knowledge worker proudly dons his Wizard hat saying, “I’ve inked so many international deals with Adobe Dynamic PDF, HR may change my title to Ambassador.” Another says, “Jon just finished presenting. And people clapped for him. No one’s ever clapped for him. Become an Acrobat Wizard!”

Acrobat X is a not just a next version, rather a new generation of Acrobat that lets people be creative with their work and really shine in ways they couldn’t before. Combining powerful collaboration tools, enterprise integration and ease of use, Acrobat X lets users innovate, create and share higher quality content, leading to tighter collaboration and productivity across teams.

So many tools, what’s a Wizard to do? Here are a few of my favorite new collaboration tools in Acrobat X:

  • Guided Actions – Automate routine, multi-step tasks and easily share them with coworkers and collaborators, reducing the burden of training.
  • PDF Portfolios – Business professionals can change how users view, think and interact with content and its context with completely new layouts, visual themes and color palettes.
  • Microsoft SharePoint integration – Users can now drive consistency of PDF documents across the enterprise, check-in and check-out PDF files for reviewing and edit shared documents.
  • Adobe SendNow – Work un-tethered to desktop software with new cloud-based services, including, Adobe SendNow, a new file sharing service that allows multiple people to access a single document from any number of locations.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Acrobat wizardry coming your way soon, and please tell us – what does it mean to YOU to be an Acrobat Wizard? Share how Acrobat has empowered you to be a Wizard at work, in the comment section of this blog. We’ll be featuring our top Acrobat Wizards in upcoming blog posts.

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