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October 31, 2011

Can I Get a Receipt for That, Please?

When you fill out a form and submit it, you’d like to know that it reached its destination. Whether you’re a prospective customer who’s completed a sales lead form, a workshop registrant who’s filled out a registration form, or a student who’s applied for a grant, you want to know that the form has been received by the company or organization.

Well, now you can be certain that your form has been received.

Submission Receipts is a new paid feature of Adobe FormsCentral that does just that. FormsCentral users can now automatically send a form filler – the customer, registrant or student, for instance — an email receipt after they have completed and submitted the HTML form. Using Submission Receipts, the form author picks which field in the form contains the email address to send the receipt. The author can also customize the reply‐to, subject and body of the email message. And if they want, they can include the data that was submitted by the form filler.

The benefits of Submission Receipt are clear. Form fillers get confirmation that their data was entered correctly and that their response was successfully received by the organization. They also get proof that they actually filled out the form with the data they entered, and the submission can be printed or archived. Plus, the form author can communicate additional information to the form filler (e.g. conference location, contact phone number) via e-mail.

Submission Receipt is a paid feature of FormsCentral and is available now. You can watch this video to get a good idea of how it works. But you should also give it a try to see how it can add a new dimension to your sales and marketing programs.

Randy Swineford, FormsCentral Product Manager

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