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November 22, 2011 /Customer Showcase /

Customer Showcase: SABIC

Due to manufacturers’ need to maintain documents and records securely, prominent petrochemical manufacturer SABIC uses Acrobat to convert paper documents to PDF files that are password protected, enabling employees to collaborate more securely and efficiently on critical business documents. By implementing Acrobat, SABIC improves collaboration electronically internally and externally with customers and suppliers using the advanced commenting tools on contracts and other documents.

With Acrobat, SABIC developed searchable libraries that provide employees quick, reliable access to important legal and manufacturing documents across the company. Most of the company’s valuable intellectual property and legal knowledge is housed in documents, and SABIC uses standards-compliant PDF/A to meet legal and ISO requirements for long-term archiving.

SABIC also uses PDF Portfolios to merge many different document types into single, collectively accessible and more protected PDF files. In addition, PDF Portfolios simplify the process of managing and reviewing complicated documents because all of the information is consolidated into an easy-to-use PDF file. To learn more about how SABIC is using Adobe Acrobat software, click here.

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