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Customer Spotlight: Digital Literacy Essential for Student Success

In a recent conversation, Raju Varanasi, director, at Curriculum and Learning Innovation Centre (CLIC), part of New South Wales Department of Education and Training, talked about the need to give students the skills required for success in school and beyond. Integral to CLIC’s efforts is the use of a range of Adobe software to help students establish a proficiency and comfort level with creating more dynamic, interactive communications—as well as providing teachers with the tools and lessons to better integrate proven technologies into learning.  For CLIC, Adobe software has become a powerful resource in the classroom.

Varanasi says that digital literacy is essential for student success. By using the right mix of tools in the classroom, teachers can challenge students’ traditional notions about their own creativity and get students to think differently about how the explore, create, and communicate assignments. By using more dynamic creative applications, teachers and students can look at assignments in new ways. To read more, check out the recent Adobe success story here.

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