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January 17, 2012 /Customer Showcase /

e-Signatures Make Merchants, MSPs Happy

By Jason Lemkin

Companies across all industries are finding the switch from paper contracts to Web-based contracts greatly improves customer relationships. Customers are thrilled to adopt more efficient systems where contracts are delivered to them quickly through email. With the ability to sign contracts through mobile devices – further enhanced by our new iOS app – customers face no restrictions on the time and place of signing.

This is especially true for merchants dealing with managed services providers (MSPs). For merchants, especially those with limited resources, e-signatures are a valuable time saving tool. Using digital contracts for merchant card-processing agreements reduces the amount of paperwork and also curbs errors. As any business owner will attest to, these are all important factors in choosing an MSP.

Of course, the benefits of cloud contracting don’t end with customers; vendors reap the rewards, as well. TransNational Bankcard, a merchant processing company, recently started using e-signatures, and its leaders say they will never go back to the outdated ink-on-paper process. The TransNational sales team now uses the time it previously spent tracking down unsigned contracts to focus more on customer service, all while increasing sales. The company prides itself on being merchant-centric, and it is always looking to improve customer relations with its merchant clients.

Using EchoSign resulted in a best-of-both-worlds solution, as TransNational and its clients saw great improvements. After making the switch just two months ago in November 2011, an estimated 80 percent of TransNational’s clients are now using e-signatures to sign their merchant agreements.

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