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April 26, 2012 /Electronic Signatures /

Adobe EchoSign Rolls Out Improved Integration With Salesforce

Sales teams know the value a streamlined contract completion process can have: reduced close cycles, easier post-sales follow-up, and more time to focus on the work of cultivating prospects. Today, Adobe EchoSign announces improved integration features with Salesforce, helping our joint customers close more deals faster and more easily.

Adobe EchoSign for Salesforce version 12 features an improved administration page, with easy-to-follow setup steps and direct links to customization guidelines and documentation. Users can also now easily merge data from Salesforce into their EchoSign agreements before sending them out for signatures. Merged data can come from accounts, opportunities and other objects within Salesforce.

For a full overview of the improved features and capabilities in today’s release of Adobe EchoSign for Salesforce version 12, check out today’s EchoSign post from Mangesh Bhandarkar, group product manager at Adobe.

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