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Oh, Happy Day! (Notifications in FormsCentral, and more new stuff!)

We’ve all seen the old movies: The scene opens on the protagonist, sitting next to the telephone. Just staring. At the phone. Waiting for it to ring. When it rings, the hero or heroine will have an Important Conversation, in which Important Information will be imparted. However, no one – not the audience, not the hero – knows just when that phone might ring. For all we know, our hero might spend the whole night just waiting by the phone and never hear it ring once. He can’t leave the house for fear he’ll miss the call.

Well, don’t wait by the phone any longer. Everyone, you’re hearing it here first: Email notifications have arrived to FormsCentral. Let’s say that again, a bit differently: When new responses are submitted to your form, you’ll get an email notification. No more waiting in the browser, refreshing your screen every two minutes.

Can you hear the cheers? We sure can. This has been the most-requested feature from day one of FormsCentral’s existence; you’ve written us emails, called us, tweeted at us, and commented here on the blog, wondering when notifications would be included in the service. Today is the day, people! Now, if you’ve got a Basic or Plus subscription, you (and anyone you’ve shared your form with) can individually elect to be sent email notifications whenever the form has a new response.

Not only can you request an email notification for a new response; you can also ask that the response data be included in the body of the email so you can take a quick first look at the submission before diving into the full response table. You can also forward these notifications along if the submission contains data you want to share immediately. What if, for example, your sales team uses FormsCentral to collect leads? Maybe the Sales Manager is the one who gets the notifications, and she can simply forward the notification email (complete with the lead form’s information) to the relevant account manager. Nothing could be more convenient.

We’re sure that this new inclusion of email notifications will do a great deal to improve your workflow with FormsCentral. Welcome to a simpler, quicker, and more fluid way to collect and respond to data.

Check in later this week to hear some more about what we’ve added to FormsCentral this month – there are more treats to come, and we can’t wait to share the new features with you. For now, head over to FormsCentral and enable your notifications in any paid account!

Rebecca Staley, marketing specialist, Acrobat Solutions

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