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June 18, 2012 /Customer Showcase /

Adobe eSign Success Series: eSignatures Give Patients Faster Access to Healthcare

Do you get frustrated when you can’t get access to the health services you need as quickly as you require them? You’re not alone. Unfortunately, the paperwork involved in healthcare is often extensive and can hinder how quickly a patient receives required services.  By implementing eSignatures, healthcare companies can eliminate the time-consuming aspects of the traditional paper contract process and assist their patients sooner.

Large health services companies like CIGNA constantly add new physicians and small practices to their network, which is a long process. CIGNA expands its network by more than 20,000 customers a year – resulting in more than one million pieces of paper that require signatures. In order to reduce the time needed to complete the paperwork associated with these additions, the company switched to Adobe EchoSign’s eSignature solution. As a result, CIGNA decreased the time it takes to add new physicians and practices into its network by more than half.

After seeing success with Adobe EchoSign, CIGNA adopted the service enterprise-wide. With more than 65 million customers worldwide, it is important that the company has enough physicians and offices to meet its customers’ needs.

With Adobe EchoSign, CIGNA can expand its network faster, giving patients access to more resources and providing faster treatment. Switching to an e-contracting process improved CIGNA’s internal operations and customer relationships. By giving customers faster access to healthcare, CIGNA sees notably greater levels of customer satisfaction. Plus, CIGNA experienced significant savings by eliminating paper and postage, all while expanding its green initiative.

This scenario is not only true for CIGNA, but for many health providers. Paperwork is a necessary part of the healthcare industry; however, it should not prevent patients from receiving the care they need, when they need it.

See how Adobe EchoSign helps other healthcare companies improve the contracting process and provide their patients with more resources in less time here.

Loretta Jones, senior marketing manager, Adobe EchoSign

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