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July 18, 2012 /Electronic Signatures /

How eSignatures Can Align Marketing & Sales

Since marketing and sales departments exist to make life easier for customers, I’m surprised to see so many teams drop this customer-centric philosophy at the most critical moment of the business-client relationship – the contract process. Adopting eSignatures helps sales and marketing teams save a lot of time and resources, while closing more deals with customers.

My recent article in Marketing Tech highlights several ways eSignatures benefit both the business and the customer.

For the business, eSignatures remove the contract process from the multiple steps needed to secure signatures offering a digital option that automates the many back-and-forth conversations between a sales rep and a client. Digital contracts also offer a way to collaboratively work on documents and provide an easy way to track, store and access contracts.

For the customer, eSignatures offer convenience as prospects can access contracts on the Web from their laptop, desktop and even mobile device essentially giving them 24/7 access. Most eSignature solutions don’t require software downloads, making it even more attractive for customers to sign this way. All eSignatures are backed by the federal ESIGN Act, ensuring the legality of the contract, which should put the customer at ease.

Read the full post in Marketing Tech to see how eSignatures can help increase ROI and customer loyalty.

Loretta Jones, head of marketing, Adobe EchoSign

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