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December 20, 2008 /News, Views & Updates /

Filling Time During the Holidays

A few new collections of PDF Portfolios were posted recently on and The first is a gallery of business oriented portfolios and the second is a set of casual games for both kids and grownups. More after the break…

The business oriented portfolios demonstrate some creative branding and presentation, but the games are more appropriate for this time of year. (full disclosure: This post took longer to write than it should have. I felt the need to experience some of the games before writing about them). Because they all play offline inside Adobe Reader 9, the games are excellent for those times during the holidays when you’re looking for a distraction and find yourself without an Internet connection.

Here are just a few scenarios you might find yourself in this holiday season where entertainment like this could be helpful:

  • You just made it through security in time to find out your flight is 2 hours delayed
  • You discover the in-flight entertainment is back to back episodes of Charles in Charge and you’re stuck in the middle seat
  • You’re 4 hours from grandma’s and the kids have been asking if you’re there yet for the last 2
  • It’s in between the gifts and the meals when you realize Uncle Charlie’s dialup connection isn’t going to cut it

Enjoy and Happy Holidays from all of us on the Acrobat team!!

Chris French
Acrobat Product Manager

Hint: Right click on any of the games while they’re running and choose “Full Screen Multimedia” to get the full effect.

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