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FormsCentral adds summary reports, ratings scale, skip logic, Twitter integration and more

Since we introduced our online forms service, FormsCentral, we’ve seen all sorts of organizations – from businesses and educational institutions to nonprofits – take advantage of the simplicity and speed our service provides to design, distribute, collect, and analyze data from HTML forms and surveys. Customers have been using FormsCentral for everything from grant applications and satisfaction surveys to class and event registration, as well as research. With the help of FormsCentral, they are moving their organizations forward, maintaining brand integrity, and creating worthwhile experiences for their constituencies. What’s more, they did all this without having to call the IT department.

While FormsCentral has made the task of creating surveys and collecting and analyzing data simpler than ever, there were a few loose ends.  We took a look at the wish lists and the pain points of both forms creators and forms fillers and have added several new features, including the following that we are announcing today:

  • Create Summary Reports – Automatically generate a summary report for each form or survey you create. For each chart in the report, decide whether to display the caption, absolute count, or percentage of the total. Export the summary report to PDF or as a zip file of all the images to place directly in a presentation.
  • Add Rating Scales – Get quick insights into customer opinions regarding your product or services – are they satisfied or unsatisfied with our level of support, ease of use?
  • Apply Page Skip Logic – Tailor the form path with your respondent’s answers. With the easy-to-use interface you can define which page of your form respondents go to next based on their answer(s) to a previous question or even a combination of questions. (Paid-only feature)
  • Redirect after submit – After respondents submit the form, redirect them to your website from the confirmation page or send them back to an empty form so they can fill it out again. (Paid-only feature)
  • Embed your form – Cut-and-paste provided HTML code into your website or wiki and the form you created appears directly within your site. As always, responses are collected and stored within FormsCentral where you can analyze and share results easily.
  • Integrate with Twitter – Sign into Twitter and post a message with a link to your form or survey from within FormsCentral.

We created FormsCentral to save you time and allow you to respond faster to customer and business needs. We think we’ve made FormsCentral even easier to use and more customizable with these new capabilities. For small and medium sized businesses that need an easy platform to create professional,branded forms, FormsCentral is the answer.

And it’s affordable! A free account gives you one form and up to 50 responses, and you can begin collecting and reviewing responses immediately. For $14.99 per month, you can create up to five forms and collect 500 responses per form. For $199 a year, you can create any unlimited number of forms or surveys and get up to 5,000 responses each.

If you haven’t yet tried FormsCentral, now is a great time to get all the details and go for a free test drive. When you see how it can add a new dimension to your business, we’ll think you’ll be sold.

Randy Swineford, group product manager, Acrobat Solutions




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