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March 17, 2011 /How-To's /

FormsCentral Tutorial, Part 1: Creating the Form

Now that you’ve had some time to check out the Adobe FormsCentral service and poke around the form-building environment, it’s time to catch up on how best to use it. Over the next few days, Acrobat Solutions team member Rebecca Staley will be diving into some of the top features of FormsCentral with a three-part blog series.

Today, Rebecca kicks off the series by highlighting how to create your form and the tools that’ll help you do it; later this week week, she’ll carry on with testing and distributing your form, and finally she’ll take a look at analyzing all the data you garner over the course of your form’s life.

For now, read on for the down-low on form creation in FormsCentral with today’s post here.

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  • By gerald jansen - 8:32 AM on May 18, 2013   Reply

    I wish to write forms using Acrobat XI pro tor the above web site. I then will use the $_POST function in php to update our mysql database. When I started to develop forms everything seems to go to “forms central”. I don’t want to use that site and pay for every submission. We have our own site and do not want our data on someone else’s. How do I develop html forms using your product without using form central?

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