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July 9, 2012 /Customer Showcase /

Customer Spotlight: Automate Event Information Management with Adobe FormsCentral

As a one-man IT department of a construction trade union with 7,000 members and 30 colleagues, I have a lot to do. In addition to managing IT, another big task is capturing and managing event information—registrations, logistics, attendance, meals, confirmations, and more—and sharing it with my coworkers.

Previously, I relied on a combination of email, custom code, phone calls, and spreadsheets. I spent most of my time cutting and pasting information between spreadsheets and making sure I had the details right, versus making our events better.

With Adobe FormsCentral, I designed professional, branded forms by customizing sample templates. I was initially drawn to FormsCentral because of the professional-looking templates. When I saw the reasonable price, I was pleasantly surprised.

I embed the forms on our website and make them available to members and non-members. The form links current members to an email invitation system that sends each member a unique ID. Once members receive their invites, they can log in to register for events electronically.

Today, data submitted in the forms is more complete, consistent, and accurate than it was in the past, and I no longer endure the tedious cut-and-paste spreadsheet method. Event and banquet managers can log in to online tables or charts, or view the data in spreadsheets offline to see who is confirmed to attend, making event logistics, meals, and topics easier to manage.

I’m happy that I can now add genuine value. For a recent event, a trade union executive wanted to survey attendees while the event was in progress by asking questions about topics conference-goers would like to see in the future. Within 30 minutes, I created a survey on FormsCentral and projected it onto the 10-foot screens in the room.

For me, Adobe FormsCentral has streamlined the forms management process by 100% and given us all great ideas for applying the data—not to mention making me look good to my boss.

To learn more about United Association Local 46 and its use of Adobe FormsCentral, read the full story here:

Ryan Skalko, information technology director, United Association Local 46

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