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February 4, 2013 /How-To's /

Design Your Forms Even MORE Freely: FormsCentral update

In the two years since FormsCentral was first introduced, we’ve gotten really great feedback from all of our customers about how easy it is to create good-looking, professional forms; not only is the WYSIWYG design mechanism intuitive and flexible, you can also match colors exactly with a HEX value and add your own images and styling elements to get the form to look just the way you want.

Today we’re taking this design freedom one step further by adding a feature that we’ve been asked for quite a lot: the ability to line up your fields side by side on a form instead of stacking them vertically. So now, instead of taking up tons of vertical real estate, you can get the same information in only a teeny bit of space. Now, not only will your forms be beautiful and functional, they’ll also be economically designed.

FormsCentral Blog Post Image

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  • By Noga - 12:53 AM on May 22, 2013   Reply

    How can I install the update on a computer with no internet access (offline update)?

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