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From Printing Presses to Dynamic PDF – How Far We’ve Come!

A tad more than 600 years ago this month, the father of movable type printing and the “Gutenberg Bible”, Johannes Gutenberg, was born (Happy Birthday JG!).   In contrast, it was roughly 28 years ago that Adobe created Postscript as a way for computers to talk to printers, and the next phase of publishing was born – one that continues to evolve to this day. Postscript led to the Portable Document Format, which was initially used to keep digital documents looking like their printed counterparts (preserving fonts, layout, colors etc), but even PDF has evolved massively in the last few years.

Now PDF files can contain videos and hyperlinks. They support everything from digital signatures to 3D interactive animation to policy protection, which has led to an explosion in usage and incredible success. Within the government sector, PDF has become a standard for simplified electronic document exchange.  And business of all sizes rely on PDF files to share information across the office and across the globe. Meanwhile, in today’s fast paced, interconnected world, Acrobat has evolved into a dynamic technology, capable of delivering richer, more compelling experiences and facilitating fluid collaboration, while maintaining trust in its security and reliability. Acrobat now enables knowledge workers to deliver their best work – every day.

With today’s re-launch of the Acrobat Blog, we aim to create a place you’ll enjoy visiting to catch up on Acrobat-related news, industry insights, trends and ponderings. We’re joining forces with the Acrobat product management team to expand on their popular Shred the Document blog here all within the same blog (all posts have been archived for your reading enjoyment). The updated blog will continue to feature the inside scoop and featured posts from the product team, Acrobat highlights, as well as tips and tricks and discussions. Yes, discussions. A blog in a vacuum is useless, so help make this re-launched blog awesome by commenting, offering your insights, questions and ideas. Don’t be shy.

We’ll also post regarding, Reader and anything else that helps foster education and thinking around how we communicate – be it on something as timeless as paper to as timely as web conferencing or collaboration. Onward!

Mark Grilli, Director of Product Marketing, Acrobat Solutions

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  • By Paul - 6:47 PM on July 19, 2010   Reply

    I think Acrobat has come too far. PDF files are fantastic for presenting documents with a consistent look across multiple platforms. It’s the “delivering richer, more compelling experiences” and the security vulnerability that accompany them that concerns me. Adobe has lost my trust in its security given the number of vulnerabilities, particularly 0-day vulnerabilities, in the last year or two. Adding Flash capability to PDF documents was not a good idea in my opinion. Dynamic content belongs in a dynamic environment like a web page, not in a document that has “become the standard for simplified electronic document exchange.”

    • By Harry Hemus - 5:22 PM on August 16, 2010   Reply

      Sorry Paul

      Couldn’t possibly disagree more.

      Are you an advocate of bland, non-interactive, text documents that hardly anyone reads, or are you suggeting that we spend our lives simply looking at websites.

      Please tell me you were joking about pdf’s not including any rich media


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