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Happy 20th Anniversary Adobe Acrobat and PDF

Logo for 20 Years of Adobe Acrobat and PDF
June 15, 2013 marks a major milestone for Adobe — it was on this date 20 years ago that PDF and the Acrobat family of products first shipped and changed the world of documents forever. From the engineers and the customer service teams, to our partners and the community experts, we give our thanks to everyone that has been a part of this success story. Our gratitude is particularly dedicated to the millions upon millions of Acrobat, Adobe Reader and customers who continue to inspire and motivate us to push the boundaries of how this technology can solve real-world document challenges. Here’s to many more of years of continued innovation and leadership. We are excited for you all to be a part of it. Thank you.

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  • By Dianne - 5:24 AM on July 8, 2013   Reply

    Ohh i Missed the date unfortunately, Congratulations and Best of luck for great and bright future ahead. Cheers

  • By Peter - 1:17 AM on July 12, 2013   Reply

    It’s madness 20 years that a product can claim on the market. I can only congratulate you.

  • By Nik - 3:25 PM on July 13, 2013   Reply

    Wow, 20 years already! I know it was posted last month but, 20 years on top of the market. You got some smart people working behind the scenes !

  • By Tom - 12:56 AM on July 18, 2013   Reply

    Congratulations i missed too the date :)

  • By game avatar - 5:19 AM on July 21, 2013   Reply

    I can only congratulate you.

  • By Alisveris - 2:47 AM on July 22, 2013   Reply

    Congratulations Adobe. Happy 20th Anniversary Adobe Acrobat and PDF.

  • By Mike - 11:30 AM on September 3, 2013   Reply

    Cannot imagine a life or a day without Adobe PDF reader anymore.
    Keep up the good work.

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