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March 19, 2012 /Electronic Signatures /

Adobe eSign Success Series: Highlights From Our Web Contracts 2012 Conference

By Jason Lemkin

We recently held our Web Contracts 2012 user conference, where more than 150 people gathered to learn about the success our customers have experienced using Adobe EchoSign. Customers like Meltwater, Groupon, United Healthcare and Marketo joined together to share how Web contracting is transforming business.


After experiencing problems with email confirmations, Meltwater needed a contract process in which there were no questions of validity. Finalizing agreements via email presented sticky situations in which the parties involved were not on the same page. Since Meltwater switched to Adobe EchoSign, there are no misunderstandings and customer relationships remain positive.


Groupon needed a system that could keep track of all of its contracts during the company’s explosive growth. Instead of archiving contracts to an email account, the company uses Adobe EchoSign to automate data collection and track progress of agreements. If a document remains unviewed or unsigned, Adobe EchoSign sends automatic reminder emails, freeing the sales staff from multiple follow-up processes.


UnitedHealthcare wanted a contract process that could work at the same rapid rate of its automated claims process. Using Adobe EchoSign has reduced contract completion time from more than five weeks to than two days, making resources available to its subscribers much sooner. Furthermore, agreements are kept in a completely secure environment, requiring a password known only to the parties involved.


Marketo, a return customer, came back to Adobe EchoSign after experiencing the shortcomings of another platform. With Adobe EchoSign, Marketo experienced a simple installation process and a 45 percent increased signature rate. The competitor’s tool created a 40 percent decrease and its installation caused arguments among the IT team.

From reducing contract completion time to improving customer relationships, these companies have experienced the many benefits of Web contracting. Adobe EchoSign eliminates the hassle associated with paper contracting, allowing customers to focus on running successful businesses.



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