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November 7, 2011 /IT /

IT Tips & Tricks Video Series

We are launching a new series of short videos to explain common support questions we get from IT admins. Meet Steve Cordero, Acrobat Support Engineer, who has yet to get an Acrobat problem he wasn’t able to solve. In the first 5 videos Steve demonstrates different ways to create an installer package.  Let Steve show you how to create an Administrative Installation Point   for Acrobat 10.1.

Still on Acrobat 9 and confused about the order in which to deploy security and quarterly updates?  Watch the video on creating an AIP for Reader 9.4.6. The same method also applies to Acrobat Reader 9.

Another method of creating a single installer is using a Bootstrapper. Steve shows how to modify the Setup.ini file to chain all Acrobat Updates using the command line. Whether you select the AIP or Bootstrapper method comes down to preference. While the bootstrapper method may be quicker to create, you’ll have less control should something go wrong.

If you are looking to customize Acrobat to suit your organization’s environment, the free Adobe Customization Wizard allows you to predefine features of Acrobat prior to deployment or enabled pre-deployment customization of both the installer and the installed product. Steve explains two lesser known features of the Customization Wizard:

  • First up is using the files and folders option to add plugins, redaction files or joboptions. In Steve’s demo he adds JavaScript files to an Acrobat X installation.
  • In the second Customization Wizard demo Steve explains how to predefine the users’ preferences by modifying the registry, for example security preferences you want streamlined throughout your organization. The example used in the video shows how to disable the Welcome screen in Acrobat 10.1.

Both the Files and Folders and the Registry features allow you to leverage an existing configuration via simple drag and drop or create new configurations.

We would like to receive your feedback about these clips. Did you find them useful? Do you have suggestions for topics you always wanted to get visual help with? Please leave your comments and rate the videos.


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