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September 13, 2011 /Electronic Signatures /

Making Electronic Signatures as Easy as Using Adobe Reader

When we announced our acquisition of Web-based electronic signature leader EchoSign in July, it was just the first step in what we said would be a relationship that would bring more and more powerful and productive document services to our customers. Today, we’re introducing EchoSign for Adobe Reader.

The beauty of the EchoSign signature service is that there’s nothing to download and install and with just one click, the entire signature process from the request for signature to the distribution and execution of the form or agreement is done. Now that you can get access to the service via the seemingly omnipresent Adobe Reader, it’s even simpler. All you need is the latest version of Adobe Reader X via the automatic update. Click on the EchoSign link in Reader and you’ll be taken straight to the EchoSign page where you can start signing, sending and tracking. For more on today’s update, 10.1.1 and direct download links, check out today’s Security bulletin, here

The EchoSign signature service provides a secure subscription-based service to individuals, SMBs and enterprise customers. It enables real-time visibility into the signature process and automatically storing and managing all signed documents. We expect it will make electronic signatures the common way for people to sign documents.

As I said, we’re just starting to integrate the EchoSign capability into our various document services, stay tuned for more to come. Our aim is to enable customers to significantly accelerate sales cycles, improve tracking and centralize the management of signed agreements through this simple to use cloud service.

Mangesh Bhandarkar, group product manager, EchoSign 

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