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September 11, 2008 /Document Security /

New Search and Redact Patterns for A9 Users

We just released a quick update to our A9 search-and-redact patterns, specifically targeted to our non-U.S. customers.  Read more after the break…

In Acrobat 8, we released redaction features which allow you to mark and remove sensitive content from your documents prior to distributing them. This included "search-and-redact", which allowed you to search through one or many PDF files for a particular sensitive word or phrase.  In Acrobat 9, we enhanced this with pattern-based search-and-redact, which allowed you to search for a sensitive pattern such as social security numbers or phone numbers.

However, when we released Acrobat 9, we were only able to complete US-centric patterns.  (For example, searching for a U.S. social security number pattern isn’t as valuable in the U.K.)  About a week ago, we were able to post a small update which provides additional patterns relevant for UK, Canada, Japan, France and Germany customers.

Get this small update and read more about it here.  And let us know what you think and if you’d like to see more in this area.


Dave Stromfeld, Product Manager


Categories: Document Security

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